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Are you looking for a tub faucet? Within this section of our online catalog, dedicated to bathtub taps, you will find different proposals for bathtub mixer and bathtub group.

We have selected for you a wide range of bath taps designed by Gaboli Fratelli, a Novara company that has been involved in the design and manufacture of bathroom and kitchen taps at 360 ° since 1956.

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Bathtub faucet, an important choice for a stylish bathroom

It is important to choose a tub faucet carefully when you have decided to install a tub in your bathroom. The bathtub is undoubtedly a piece of furniture of great impact that has a strong and decisive impact on the whole bathroom furniture. So such an important element must therefore be coordinated and complemented by a bathtub tap with an equally important design.

Bathtub faucet: types and designs

tub faucet Once you have established the style that will characterize your bathroom, you can also define the type of bathtub mixer to match.

Here on our e-shop you can find many models of taps for classic or modern bathtubs , perfect for every aesthetic and space requirement.

External bath mixer

As the name suggests, an external bath mixer is mounted externally to the wall, with all components visible . An external bath mixer represents a single body with the water spout, single-lever mixer (or two separate knobs) and a hand shower.

tub faucets The outdoor bath mixer can also have the duplex, that is the wall support for the hand shower , otherwise the hand shower is placed or hung directly on the external bath mixer.

The external mounting of such bath mixers is a great advantage because it is simple and can also be done by DIY enthusiasts. Furthermore, even in the event of a component failure of the external bath mixer, when it is necessary to change or replace the tub faucet, it will be much easier to make a replacement or repair.

Quirky tub faucet

bath mixer The external bath taps are mounted horizontally by means of eccentric spacers . The tub faucet eccentrics are a pair of adapters that connect the water pipes to the external tub mixer in case the distance between the pipes (the center distance) does not correspond to the center distance of the water inlet holes of the tap ( in most cases, the tub faucet center distance is 150 mm as standard). An eccentric has two ends: the larger one connects to the tap, while the smaller one connects to the water system pipe.

The eccentrics are covered with the rosettes that hide the fixings and the hole in the wall to let the pipes out. Usually the rosettes have the same shape as the tub faucet (square, round or oval).

Discover the external bathtub taps that we have selected for you and buy them at a very advantageous price!

Built-in bath mixer

A built-in bath mixer is also a very popular solution. It can be installed on the wall, with the internal parts recessed, and only the external parts remain visible . bathtub mixer The wall mounted bathtub taps have a very clean look, but they need a professional assembly as it is necessary to prepare the connections and run the water pipes inside the wall.

The wall-mounted bathtub taps consist of a single-lever mixer (or two taps, one for hot water and the other for cold water), a diverter, a hand shower and a water spout.

Built-in bath mixer prices

The price of a built-in bath mixer is usually higher than an external bath mixer .

Here on our site you can find cheap wall mounted bathtub taps but also more sophisticated and articulated solutions, always at discounted and very affordable prices.

You can choose a classic or modern style built-in bath mixer with integrated hand shower or multi-hole compositions.

Waterfall bathtub taps

bathtub faucet The waterfall bathtub taps are very elegant and scenographic.

The main feature that differentiates a waterfall bath mixer is its wider and flatter spout than the ordinary one. Thanks to this particularity, the flow of water reminds us of a small waterfall. In addition, in order not to block the flow, aerators that foam the water are not used in the waterfall faucets for the bathtub.

One of the positive aspects of the waterfall bath taps is their particular design . Even the simplest model of a waterfall tub faucet will be much more original than its traditional "cousin".

In addition, the waterfall taps for bathtubs have a large and powerful flow of water that gives very pleasant sensations; For example, try to mount your waterfall bathtub faucet to the head of the bathtub and put yourself under the jet of water so that the water flows directly on you.

The waterfall tub faucets are able to fill even a large tub in minutes . This is explained by a high flow rate - about 25-55 liters per minute, but it also involves a high water consumption, at least double the volume consumed by a traditional tub faucet. Which, of course, means significant costs and expenses.

Therefore, the argument of waterfall tub faucets can be concluded by saying that they are models designed more for aesthetic pleasure and unusual sensations, while traditional tub faucets are more suitable for a practical and economical consumer. Therefore the final choice in favor of a particular type of tub faucet must be made according to the needs, preferences and economic possibilities.

Floor standing tap for bathtub

tub group The floor standing tap for bathtub represents a column (or two columns) about one and a half meters high to which the hand shower, the spout, the diverter and the control levers (or the single-lever lever) are fixed. The water connections must be arranged under the floor, therefore the installation of the tub tap on the ground must be carried out during construction work.

The floor standing bathtub faucet is particularly suitable for large bathrooms with a lot of space available. A freestanding bathtub faucet will be a perfect solution for bathtubs of unusual shapes, but also for bathtubs positioned at a distance from the walls (called with the English name “ freestanding bathtubs ”) or, in fact, in the center of the room.

The freestanding bathtub tap in the glossy chrome finish will be perfect in a hi-tech bathroom or generally in a bathroom with a modern design, while a bathtub tap on two columns in antiqued brass or glossy gold fits perfectly into a classic or retro bathroom.

The freestanding bathtub mixer comes at a fairly high price as it requires professional assembly , but it will make your bathroom truly unique!

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