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A classic design that can, at the same time, adapt to a modern and contemporary style. The 3- hole bathroom tap is often associated with an old-fashioned style of furniture, it reminds us of our grandmothers' bathroom. In reality, this type of taps can give a touch of elegance and refinement even in a bathroom with a modern design.

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Why choose 3-hole taps?

3-hole bathroom taps The 3-hole faucet , although it is among the most antiquated technologies, is still a rather popular choice. It is an elegant and refined solution, able to enhance different types of environment. As for the classic design, you will find, by browsing our selection, a wide choice of finishes. For example, for lovers of the 3-hole bronze faucet, there are multiple models able to satisfy your personal taste.

Although there are more diversified choices regarding the classic, the modern design also finds its place among the 3-hole taps. In fact, many finishes that characterize these 3-hole bathroom faucet sets go much better with the styles in vogue at the moment, rather than with bathrooms characterized by more retro designs.

3-hole bathroom sink faucets, selection guide

The 3-hole bathroom sink taps can be mounted in two different ways that we will illustrate below:

  • 3-hole tap Installation on the bathroom sink: this is the classic solution that provides, as the name suggests, the installation of the faucet directly on the sink;

  • 3-hole basin tapsWall recessed: in this case the 3-hole basin tap will be mounted recessed in the wall above the sink.

Both of these solutions are valid and functional, it will be up to your aesthetic taste to choose the one that best suits your bathroom.

Also in this case, browsing through our products you will find three-hole basin taps characterized by classic finishes such as antique brass, copper, shiny gold, but, at the same time, also 3-hole basin taps , able to integrate well with a design modern, typical of new buildings. Obviously, the type of assembly also affects the design; in fact, while the wall recess is able to enhance more modern environments, the installation on the sink reminds us a little of our grandparents' bathroom, which will be characterized, with a good percentage, by a classic and more ancient style.

3-hole bidet tap for a classic and modern bathroom

Even with regard to the three-hole bidet mixer , we have multiple choices. In fact, in addition to the various finishes that can make the design more classic or more modern, we must also make another distinction, which we illustrate in the next lines:

  • 3-hole taps With water spout: in addition to the knobs for hot and cold water, we also find the barrel for the water outlet;

  • 3-hole bathroom taps Without the water spout: this is a characteristic solution of the bathrooms of the past. In this case, the 3-hole bidet faucet is not equipped with a water spout, which comes out directly from the bidet.

Also in this case by choosing a type of bidet taps rather than another we are going to modify the bathroom design which can be more classic or more modern.

3-hole bathroom taps prices and offers on IDEEARREDO.com

Browsing our site you will find multiple offers regarding cheap or more expensive 3-hole taps. You can find three-hole taps for various price ranges , so that you can choose in total autonomy which model best meets your aesthetic and economic needs.

Furthermore, as we have already anticipated in the previous paragraphs, you will find multiple finishes (3-hole tap gold, bronze, matt black, polished chrome, stainless steel, copper) able to integrate aesthetically in both classic and modern environments. Thanks to our wide selection of 3-hole bathroom taps, you will be able to make the choice of style that best suits your bathroom.