Bathroom taps

Are you looking for taps for your bathroom? Try taking a look at our catalog! Here you will find Gaboli Fratelli taps and mixers: solutions designed to best satisfy every stylistic and functional need. Basin or bidet taps, shower taps, single or 3-hole, countertop or wall-mounted mixers, classic or modern taps from cheaper prices to more sophisticated design lines. Discover all our offers and make your purchase online!

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Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps are not a detail but an integral part of all bathroom furnishings, as well as fundamental elements for our daily hygiene.

Bathroom mixers , whether they are taps for sinks or bidets, shower columns or bath groups, are in fact important not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appearance.

They are furnishing accessories in all respects, design objects that affect and enhance the entire bathroom.

Precisely for this important double function, it is necessary to choose them carefully , evaluating every single aspect very carefully.

Let's see together what are the main features and the various types of bathroom mixer taps .

Bathroom sink faucets

Basin taps

The choice of sink mixers is very wide: the solutions are many, each with its own particularities.

Depending on the type of washbasin you intend to purchase, you can choose between:

  • - traditional mixers resting on the ceramic of the washbasin;
  • - tall taps or with extension, to be installed externally to the sink on the top or on the countertop;
  • - wall taps, built-in wall mixers, also available in the particular cascade version.

On our e-commerce you can find classic or modern sink taps , single or 3 holes, with two knobs or with a single single lever lever.

Bidet taps

Also with regard to bidet mixers , the choice ranges from classic taps for traditional and retro bathrooms to more modern solutions designed for designer bathrooms.

What matters is to keep the same style for the bidet faucet as the basin mixer: it is advisable to always choose basin and bidet taps from the same collection.

Shower columns, shower panels and shower heads

Shower panel and column

The shower area must also be completed after making the appropriate assessments. Depending on your needs, you can choose different compositional solutions :

  • - shower panels , i.e. panels composed of a single and compact structure with incorporated shower head and own mixers that allow you to regulate the flow of water;
  • - traditional, classic or modern shower columns , made up of a single block already equipped with a sliding rail, shower head and hand shower with flexible hose;
  • - customized shower compositions with sliding rods, shower heads, single-lever or thermostatic mixers, hand shower with hose.

Bath taps and batteries for bathtubs

Built-in mixer for bathtub

Also for the bathtub you can choose different tap solutions in relation to the various aesthetic and space needs.

On our e-shop you can find different proposals of

  • - 3-hole or 4-hole bath tub mixer;
  • - external tub groups;
  • - wall-mounted taps for built-in bathtubs (installed on the wall and with the possibility of a cascade spout);
  • - freestanding floor taps, installed directly on the ground.

Mixer taps for classic or modern bathtubs to combine elegantly with any decor.

Custom finishes

For bathrooms with a more refined design you can also request special finishes.

In addition to the traditional chrome finish, we offer you matt black (or matt black), bronze, gold, copper and brushed nickel.

Online bathroom taps catalog: Made in Italy quality, discounted prices

Here on you will find bathroom mixers at cheap and very affordable prices: 100% Made in Italy products guaranteed and certified by Gaboli Fratelli , a Novara company that has been operating in this sector since 1956.