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Choose a top of our line for your countertop washbasin: we guarantee solid and resistant products, with an elegant design. The shelves for washbasins and shelves that we offer are made by Olympia Ceramica and can be purchased online at economical prices. Choose quality and save thanks to our offers.

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Wash basin top: multiple functions

A bathroom sink top performs several functions. It can be a dressing table for a lady or a girl who supports her make-up and perfumes on it, or a place to tidy up the personal hygiene products of the whole family. If you are more minimalist, you can only place a beautiful plant or a design object on the sink top. In addition, the shelf also serves as a splash guard on the lower shelves or the floor. Or also, an elegant piece of furniture that makes your bathroom unique.

Top for washbasins

Wash basin top for classic or modern bathroom furniture

The table top design must meet and stay in tune with the style of sink and overall design of the bathroom. For a modern style bathroom it is better to choose a shelf with straight lines and simple shades, without excesses; while for a classic bathroom the best solution would be a marble or natural stone top.

How to choose a countertop washbasin top

The countertop on which the sink is mounted is just as important as the sink itself. This is especially true for small bathrooms , where every inch of space counts. In these cases we recommend a square top with a rectangular sink. In fact, rectangular shapes look good in corners or along walls. To optimize the space, you can put shelves or drawers underneath to organize your things.

For large bathrooms, a large shelf is often purchased that fits two sinks on the right and left. This option is remarkably practical for double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

The materials for the vanity tops

The most common materials for bathroom vanity tops are marble, stone and wood. They are extremely beautiful and will be a magnificent frame for your washbasin. The only precaution will be not to leave them in contact with water or chemicals for a long time. Neutral detergents and a soft cloth will be sufficient for cleaning.

Basin tops are usually used for the following sink models :

  • Counter-top washbasins. Today on the market we find various types, materials and different shapes. Many are designer products and represent a true work of art. The top supports the countertop washbasin and highlights it.
  • Built- in washbasins. These models are embedded in the top. Based on the type of built-in, the semi-built-in sinks, under-counter and over-counter models are distinguished.

Installation: brackets for washbasin tops

The shelves for the bathroom sinks are fixed to the wall with brackets . Always check that the latter are included with the plan or are to be purchased separately. It is also preferable to entrust the assembly work to an expert as it requires a precise and accurate drilling for the sink and the mixer if the latter is installed on the top.

One last tip: choose a designer siphon for your bathroom countertops and sinks because it will remain visible.