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A wall-hung washbasin is characterized by a simple and linear design, perfect for decorating a minimalist but high-impact bathroom at the same time. On our e-commerce you can buy 100% Made in Italy suspended sinks under the Olympia Ceramica brand: high quality furnishing sinks at cheap and very affordable prices. Browse the catalog now and discover all our offers!

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Suspended washbasins: sizes and characteristics

A wall-hung washbasin is the most popular model. The suspended sinks have various shapes and sizes. The measurements can vary from 30 cm in the case of a small wall-hung washbasin (hand basins or corner washbasins ) up to 120 cm for the most important models, even with double basins, which will most likely require brackets for extra support. They are easy to install and can be fitted even by a novice plumber.

Small wall-hung washbasins and wall-hung washbasins with cabinet

Wall-hung washbasins are often chosen for modern design bathrooms. In addition, suspended sinks are ideal for small bathrooms as the space underneath remains free. Here you can put a laundry basket or shelf. As you can see, a wall-hung washbasin with cabinet is very convenient for placing the necessary things on top of the cabinet. Or, you can opt for suspended washbasins with towel rails, these models also help to optimize space.

Fixing suspended washbasins

Sinks of this type are attached directly to the wall by means of dowels. Make sure that the wall is solid and can support the load of the sink; a plasterboard wall is not suitable for suspended washbasins. During assembly, first the stops are inserted into the wall, then the sink is installed.

Suspended washbasins

A tip : If you have not provided a wall tap for your sink, before installing the sink, proceed with the assembly of the mixer so you will have more space available and you will work more comfortably. If, on the other hand, the mixer is a wall-mounted model, you must call an expert plumber who will prepare the internal pipes and install the built-in parts of the mixer.

Important to know about suspended sinks

The disadvantages of suspended washbasins concern first of all the aesthetic aspect: the siphon remains visible under the sink. You can solve this problem with anice visible design siphon , in line with the chosen taps.

Another option is to hide the siphon from a column or semi-column if provided for the washbasin model you have chosen.

Suspended washbasin cabinets

Many suspended sinks can also be used such as those to support , on a top or on a bathroom furniture . The tops or cabinets underneath give additional support to the sink and create more space for you to store your things.

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