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Are you looking for an undercounter washbasin for the new bathroom? Discover the wide range of built-in washbasins on our e-shop: we have selected for you several models of under-counter sinks by Olympia Ceramica. Oval, round, square and rectangular built-in washbasins: you choose the shape and size. We guarantee you the highest quality products at cheap and very affordable prices. Don't miss our online offers.

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Undercounter washbasins: dimensions and characteristics

The undercounter sinks are completely recessed under the countertop, that is, under the top. Their edge is previously adjusted by the manufacturer so that the sink can adhere perfectly to the top from below.

Undercounter washbasins

The undercounter washbasins can have any geometric shape and be oval, rectangular, round, square or asymmetrical. There are various versions of the sinks in terms of materials: ceramic, stone, resin, glass, metal and others.

Undercounter built-in washbasins: why choose them?

The undercounter washbasin is one of the most popular and loved models and there is also a logical explanation for it. As we use the sink many times during the day, the main requirement of this product is its practicality and ease of maintenance.

In addition, undermount sinks usually cost less than other types of bathroom sinks.

How to install a built-in washbasin

Installing the undercounter sinks is quite simple, but it does require some professional skills: you need to make sure the top hole is slightly smaller than the sink shape. Furthermore, specific fixings must be used for the built-in washbasins, but also for the material of the top.

If you mount an undermount washbasin in a bathroom cabinet, this will allow you to preserve the integrity of the wall, unlike the suspended models.

Undercounter washbasins

5 advantages of built-in sinks
(which also apply to undercounter washbasins)

1 / Practicality and ergonomics. They work well for both small and large bathrooms and are comfortable for both adults and children.

You will find that the combination top + under-counter basin + bathroom cabinet will be a winner for your bathroom decor. The top will give you a very comfortable surface on which to put your things. Then you will find that the undercounter washbasins are very easy to clean. And finally, in the cabinet below you can order everything you need.

2 / There is no need to fix the sink to the wall.

3 / The model of the undercounter washbasin itself and its type of assembly provides greater protection of the washbasin from cracks and chips.

4 / Easy cleaning. The undermount bathroom sink is built into the countertop, so it has its external part hidden and only needs cleaning of the internal tub.

5 / Cabinets with a built-in under-counter washbasin conceal the siphon and the tap hoses, thus guaranteeing a clean and attractive appearance in your bathroom.