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Do you need a structure on which to install the bathroom sink? Find out on our e-commerce which vanity units to match your sink. Structure for elegantly designed washbasins, also available with towel rails, shelves and shelves. We have selected for you the best Olympia Ceramica solutions: today you can buy them online at an economical and very advantageous price! See all offers.

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The structures for bathroom sinks are supports or bases on which sinks are placed, usually large suspended models, such as console sinks. The structure provides solid support and at the same time allows you to take advantage of the space under the sink since many structures are also equipped with a shelf at the bottom. Another accessory that we often find in these support bases are the towel rails or bathroom towel rails.

Structures for washbasins

Shape and design

The structures for the washbasins can have a modern design or a classic design and their shapes vary according to that. The classic structures, like the sinks themselves, have sinuous and soft lines

The structures in addition to chrome finish, can be in bronze or gold finishes, present in classic furnishings. The supports for modern sinks, on the other hand, are characterized by rectangular shapes and straight lines echoing those of the sinks.


We find the structures for bathroom sinks both in wood and in metal. The wood can be lacquered or have its natural color, while the metal bases are usually chromed, but also bronzed or gilded, especially if they are classic models.


The washbasin structures are positioned on a completely flat floor, without any irregularities. The sink rests on the structure without swinging.


Do not neglect the choice of the siphon. The support structures leave the sink siphon and the tap hoses exposed, so it is preferable to opt for an important siphon, even a design one. It may cost a little more, but it won't ruin the overall image of the composition.

Remember that

Bathroom sink stands are an elegant extra and do not need to be purchased. It should be noted, however, that the structures are only combined with “their” washbasins as they have been specially designed for those models of sinks.