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Furnishing washbasins designed for every need: discover the square washbasin solutions that we have selected for you among the Olympia Ceramica proposals. Elegant sinks with geometric lines perfect for designer bathrooms with a minimal character. You can buy them online at cheap and very affordable prices. Discover all the offers!

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Square basin: strong and decisive designs

Square washbasins

A square sink, thanks to its simple and at the same time practical shape, is quite frequent in our bathrooms. The combination of straight lines with a perfectly smooth surface of the square sinks majestically matches the concise bathroom design , whether classic or minimalist. Square models cut a good figure, whether mounted on a top or on a bathroom cabinet. For example, try placing two square sinks opposite each other, the effect will be spectacular!

Square countertop, wall-hung or built-in washbasins: various installation possibilities

The way of mounting the square models can be different. The built-in sink is a model that is installed on a countertop or countertop, but also directly on a bathroom cabinet. Square sinks save space and at the same time optimize it: the cabinet underneath, on the one hand, hides the sink's water connections, on the other hand, is used to put the necessary things in it.

We also find suspended square sinks, especially if the sink has straight and precise shapes and therefore will adhere well to the wall.

Shapes, sizes and colors of a square washbasin

The dimensions of the square models are usually compact and vary from 40 to 50cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient to use them due to their excessive depth. In the case of small hand basins, we can also find models of 25-35 cm.

Square sinks may vary the shape of the bowl slightly. Very frequent (and elegant, but also safer) are models with rounded corners. The fine edge is the trend of the moment, and in these models we find it very often. Less common are the tubs with a regular geometric shape, with a square bottom and perfectly straight edges; these models will be fine for a bathroom with a minimalist design .

The white color in square sinks is king, but today ceramic manufacturers offer us a wide choice of colors. Don't be afraid to dare and the colored sink will become the real star of the bathroom!

Square sink taps

Obviously, a square-shaped faucet is recommended for a square sink, either a single-hole mixer or a three-hole faucet.

A tip: a square washbasin with sharp edges is less practical. The internal corners are more prone to the accumulation of limescale and dirt. Better to opt for a model with rounded corners. Also, try to dry the sink after use, otherwise the water will stagnate and limescale will form.