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Small washbasin and hand basin

For a small bathroom you will also need a small sink, but this element certainly cannot be missing because it has a fundamental function and also because it gives a particular final effect on the style of the whole room. The choices available are many and it is important to clarify both the use and aesthetic needs of these washbasins for small bathrooms.

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Why buy a small hand wash basin

hand wash Buy a small washbasin can be handy if you are trying to decorate a small bathroom or a small bathroom. In addition, a small sink can also be ideal for some commercial activities, in fact , hand basins for restaurants are not infrequently sought. For all these needs there are various purchasing possibilities.

Small bathroom sink: a great space-saving solution

small bathroom sink As we know there are some minimum dimensions to be respected for a bathroom that must comply with the building regulations of your municipality but generally in a space of 170 × 210 cm there must be sink, toilet, bidet and shower, or bathtub. When these dimensions are truly at the limit of the legislation, sinks for small bathrooms are the ideal space-saving solution. You can choose small washbasins for small square bathrooms and small washbasins with other shapes suitable for narrow bathrooms and with particular lines.

The final goal remains the importance of perfectly exploiting all the little space available but this does not mean giving up on aesthetics. On, in fact, you will find ideal solutions to meet all the requirements that will allow your small bathroom to have a beautiful and functional ceramic washbasin.

Types of hand basins and small sinks

Returning to the topic concerning the types of sinks for small bathrooms, the choice can move between:

  • small suspended sink: the suspended sink is hooked directly to the wall and leaves the space below free. It is the ideal choice for a very very small bathroom and if you want to save a little more space, you can also have the tap installed on the wall;

  • small bathroom sink with cabinet : the countertop sink on the bathroom cabinet is believed to be the practical solution in spacious bathrooms, but there are small hand basins that fit perfectly into a bathroom cabinet. They usually have a square shape but there are also small and rounded ones (you can find some ideas in this section ).

  • small washbasin corner washbasin: an example can be the Arcade corner washbasin which has a very particular and modern design and can be purchased on our website

  • small round washbasin : they are basin or bowl washbasins ideal for countertop installation. They usually have the modern design, but they will be perfectly in tune with even the most classic design;

  • small rectangular sink : these are usually narrow and shallow sinks perfect for really mini environments.

Small bathroom sink measures

small sinks Usually the standard measurements of a washbasin are 60 cm wide and 50 cm deep; for a more compact washbasin, it can even reach a diameter of only 40 centimeters. When it comes to small washbasins , the depth and therefore the overall dimensions can be reduced even more, especially if you choose to install taps on the wall. The measurements of a small sink are even more compact and generally shallow.

An advice regarding ergonomics is to leave 20 cm of free space on the sides of the washbasin for small bathrooms and to allow you to pass easily calculate at least 70 cm of front space.

Small wall-hung washbasin

small hand wash basin The small suspended washbasin allows you to furnish the bathroom in a more carefree way; by doing so you will also be able to eliminate the encumbrance given by the shelf below.

One example is the Clear 45 small wall-mounted bathroom sink . It is a sink that has very minimal dimensions with only 45 cm in width and 35 in depth. However, its tank is 14 cm deep to ensure maximum practicality.

Small round washbasin

small bathroom sinks The small round sink, as we have said, is ideal when looking for a small countertop sink .

Thanks to its shape and size, it is the ideal small sink to be installed in small bathrooms or in bathrooms with not too large double sinks.

Hand washbasin prices on offer on

On our website you can find numerous offers on small-sized washbasins, such as, for example, the Milady washbasin series is discounted by 50% on the list price.

However, this is not the only product available for the series of small hand basins and washbasins. In fact, there is a whole category at your disposal with customizable features for every need.