Semi recessed basin

A semi-recessed washbasin is partially installed on a piece of furniture or on a washbasin top. It is a very original solution, ideal for modern and contemporary bathrooms and for those looking for an exclusive design. Discover the models available on our online catalog: our semi-recessed washbasins, signed by Olympia Ceramica, represent a perfect mix of quality and savings. We guarantee you cheap and very affordable prices! Here are our offers!

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Semi recessed basin

Semi- recessed washbasins are those washbasins that rest on the top of the cabinet, while their front part (the so-called “belly” of the sink) partially protrudes forward like a visor over the top / cabinet.

The semi-recessed model allows you to have a functional bathroom furniture in a small room. In fact, the depth of the cabinet in these cases is usually about 35 cm, too little for a cabinet with an under- or countertop built-in washbasin. The semi-recessed sinks on the other hand are perfect because their back part rests on the cabinet and their belly protrudes forward allowing the sink to perform its primary function, that is to make us wash comfortably.

Furthermore, the semi-recessed sinks are also used in hotels or other accommodation facilities.

The semi-recessed washbasin can have an oval, round or square basin, overflow and a hole for the mixer. The most popular are the semi-recessed rectangular washbasins.

Semi-recessed washbasins

Types of use of the semi-recessed sink:

  • Basically the semi-recessed washbasin is designed for installation on a bathroom cabinet . We can say that it was created exclusively for this.
  • Furthermore, it can be mounted on a top . For safety, to have the work done as a work of art, it is better to contact a carpentry or a marble workshop. A tip : the height of the countertop must be equal to or greater than the height of the sink so that its aesthetic appearance remains harmonious.

Advantages of the semi-recessed washbasin

1 / They are an ideal solution for a small bathroom.

2 / Semi-recessed sink models represent a harmonious combination with a piece of furniture creating a single whole.

3 / The semi-recessed sinks protect the furniture from dirt. The front edge of the sink protrudes forward with respect to the cabinet, so the drops and splashes of water, soap and toothpaste will not dirty the cabinet but the sink.

Disadvantages of semi-recessed washbasins

1 / The complexity of installation in the case of a separate purchase, i.e. only the semi-recessed washbasin without the cabinet. If you do this, it is necessary to drill the countertop as precisely as possible, preferably with the sink in hand, even though manufacturers can provide the shape of your semi-recessed sink upon request.

2 / The difficulty of a possible replacement. If the semi-recessed sink of your bathroom furniture has broken, it will not be easy to replace it with any new semi-recessed sink, due to its particularity. For example, you can find a similar sink in length and depth, but it may not be suitable for height. If the semi-recessed sink has broken, you must first contact the furniture manufacturer (directly or through your dealer), so that he can suggest the necessary model or supply it himself.