Semi pedestal basin

The semi-pedestal washbasin is a particular alternative to the classic pedestal washbasin. Practical and functional, this type of washbasin is characterized by simple but elegant designs, perfect for a contemporary style bathroom. In this section of our catalog, we offer different models of semi-pedestal washbasins designed by Olympia Ceramica. Cheap but high quality sinks that satisfy every aesthetic need. Discover the prices and offers!

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The half-column of the sinks is a reduced version of the column. It does not rest on the ground and remains suspended, therefore, like the washbasin, it must be fixed to the wall.

Different twins

The function of the column and half-column of the washbasin is to hide the siphon and the water connections. Aesthetically, a semi-pedestal sink remains lighter, but requires a reinforced wall to attach both the sink and the semi-pedestal to it.

Normally the half-pedestal is made of the same material as the sink itself. Due to its shape it can resemble a cylinder or a parallelepiped, echoing the design of the washbasin as much as possible.

Semi-pedestal washbasins

Size matters

It is important to remember that siphons of any height are suitable for pedestal washbasins, while for semi-pedestal sinks this is not the case. The siphon must be completely covered by the half column, therefore it must be chosen based on its height.

This particularity of the washbasin has its advantage for the end user: you can fix it at any height convenient for you. It is not necessary to respect the standard height of 80-85 cm. For example, a semi-pedestal sink can be installed specifically for a child at a lower height.

Universal, beautiful and easy to install

The semi-pedestal washbasins have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and will easily adapt to bathrooms of different design and style.

The half-column, in line with the design of the sink itself, will allow you to no longer have the siphon in sight. The sink will look nice and clean.

Semi-pedestal sinks require simple assembly. The installation can also be done by a novice plumber or a do-it-yourself lover, thanks to various tutorials available now on Youtube.