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Discover our proposal of circular washbasins and make your online purchase quickly and safely. We offer you a wide range of round sinks designed by Olympia Ceramica and designed to furnish the bathroom with style and elegance. Choose the type of installation (countertop, built-in or semi-recessed) and the size of your round washbasin: you will find the model that best suits your needs on our e-shop at a very affordable price!

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When we talk about very often round sinks mean the "bowls" of support. This type of washbasin is particularly attractive. Normally they are not large in size and are good for a small bathroom or a second bathroom. Round sinks are usually chosen for modern bathrooms, especially for their compact size, while classic bathroom environments require important spaces and impressive objects, including sinks.

Round basin material

Today on the market there are round sinks of different materials. Numerous and practical are those in ceramic ; the latest trend is round countertop washbasins with an ultra slim edge , that is, with a fine edge. In addition, we find models in glass, metal, stone and wood. To you the choice!

Round washbasin color

A beautiful round basin as a bathroom sink is already something refined and spectacular. If you want to make it even more special, opt for a colored washbasin model and your sink will become the protagonist of the bathroom.

Round washbasins

Dimensions of the round washbasin

The diameter of round washbasins is usually 40-45 cm because then the sink must be installed on a support surface 50 cm deep.

Round washbasin mounting type

As we said before, the round shape is very widespread among the support sinks, but is also found in recessed models, whether they are washbasins countertop or even undermount sinks. However, all of these models are installed on a countertop or bathroom cabinet.

The choice of faucet for your round washbasin

If your round sink is a countertop model, opt for a tall mixer to be installed on the top next to the sink. The alternative could be a wall tap ; in this case, however, your plumber must prepare the internal pipes first.

A wall-mounted tap can also be used for round countertop washbasins or for round under-counter washbasins, otherwise for the latter it is preferable to purchase a faucet that comes out from the top, with one or three holes .

Clearly a round or at least oval shaped tap is preferable. Square mixers are best matched with rectangular or square washbasins.

Round washbasins: beautiful and easy to clean

Round sinks are not only aesthetically attractive, but also comfortable to clean. Their round shape, without edges, does not allow dirt to accumulate.

Perhaps the only drawback is that they are less suitable for those people who splash water all over the place while washing their face. However, like all design objects, round washbasins are fascinating and eye-catching, but they are not always very practical.

Price of round washbasins

The price of round washbasins in this category varies according to their material, color, size and design.

In our online catalog you will find many offers of round models for your bathroom at the best prices on the web!