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Rectangular washbasin with elegant and rigorous geometric lines: browse the catalog and discover our proposals by Olympia Ceramica. Wall-hung, built-in or countertop sinks: choose the type of installation and customize your bathroom with style. Advantageous offers and unbeatable prices: make your online purchase now!

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Rectangular basin: selection guide

A rectangular washbasin for the bathroom is among the most popular and sought after models on the market. Simplicity of geometric solutions, practicality, functionality and an impeccable style are the characteristics of the rectangular sinks that people like so much. Perfectly smooth surfaces attract attention. In addition, their flawless sheen and rectangular shapes integrate harmoniously into any modern bathroom .

Types of rectangular basin

Rectangular washbasins

A rectangular sink, countertop or suspended, is the benchmark of high-tech minimalist design , while the same sink on an elegant or black and white column will do well for a classic and retro bathroom. Or, a rectangular console sink on a light wood cabinet will recall a Scandinavian style .

The range of materials used for the rectangular washbasins is also wide. In addition to the very popular ceramic, today we find models in glass, resin or metal.

A rectangular washbasin can have different sizes . The standard length of the washbasins varies from 50 to 60 cm (the optimal size is 60x40 cm). However, if you have a small bathroom, you can also find more compact sinks, 35 to 40 cm wide. The larger sizes (70, 75, 80 or even 100cm wide) are good for spacious bathrooms.

Rectangular suspended or countertop, built-in or semi-recessed washbasins

Another advantage of rectangular bathroom sinks is their versatility . So, if you decide to buy a rectangular sink for the bathroom, you don't need to change the furniture of the whole bathroom. The rectangular shapes fit well in any bathroom, be it small or large; in addition, the washbasins have a variety of mounting options (suspended, countertop, recessed, on a column or structure).

A tip: if you are looking for safety first of all for you and your children, we advise you to buy rectangular washbasins with rounded corners.

Advantages of a rectangular sink

1. A rectangular washbasin becomes a harmonious integral part of the bathroom. Very often the bathroom already has other square elements, so another rectangle fits in naturally.

2. Optimal positioning. A rectangular sink is easily installed along the wall or in a corner, significantly saving the interior space of the bathroom.

3. The straight edges of the rectangular washbasins facilitate mounting on the wall or on a piece of furniture or a countertop. The rectangular sink adheres or rests securely giving you an additional guarantee of comfort.