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The pedestal washbasin is an evergreen that never goes out of style. In demand in the past, it remains one of the main protagonists of classic and contemporary bathrooms today. Browse the proposals in this catalog to find out about all the models available. Column washbasins with an elegant design designed and guaranteed by Olympia Ceramica. Buy quality at cheap prices: discover all the sinks on offer.

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Pedestal basin?

In reality, it is a normal sink resting on a column (or leg), also referred to as a "floor bathroom sink". It is a fairly old type of washbasin, but extremely comfortable and functional.

There are models of washbasins on a straight and / or corner column, that is, suitable for mounting in a corner. Today it is also possible to find sinks with column with a bizarre design: such as for example in the shape of a parallelepiped or spiral. Choose the type of pedestal sink that best suits your bathroom!

Pedestal washbasins

A tip : a pedestal sink is more suitable for a classic style bathroom. It will be in that environment in a natural and harmonious way. In addition, in a large bathroom (and usually classic bathrooms are) there will be no problems with space to put various things. This is important because it is difficult to arrange something else under the pedestal washbasin, for example a laundry basket or shelves.

The sink column has two functions. First, it serves as a stand for the sink allowing it to stand still and more securely and solidly. Secondly, it was designed to hide the plumbing connections and the siphon. Despite all the simplicity of the pedestal sink design, this type of sink has many advantages that can be successfully used to your advantage. We will talk about it below.

Four advantages of pedestal sinks

1 / It is a simple and universal model. Based on its color, shape and material it will adapt to any bathroom.

2 / Thanks to the column, it perfectly conceals the siphon and the mixer hoses.

3 / Relatively low costs. It all depends on the material of which the pedestal washbasin is made, on its shape, on the color and also on the brand.

4 / Simple assembly. In fact, for installation it is sufficient to drill the wall at the right height and insert two fixing screws for the washbasin.

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