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The countertop washbasins fall into the category of built-in washbasins which, however, instead of being totally built into a cabinet or a washbasin top, leave out a small part of it. If you are also looking for this type of sink, browse our online catalog and discover the built-in washbasin model that best suits your needs. Square, oval, round and rectangular models are available. We offer you sinks on offer at affordable prices, guaranteed by the Olympia Ceramica brand.

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Over counter basin: what are they?

These are those washbasins that are built into the countertop, but which have a small enameled edge that rests on the top. This type of sink is the most common and the easiest to install.

The countertop washbasins are widely used in private homes and also in public and hospitality structures such as hotels, offices, shopping centers and the like.

Advantages of built-in washbasins

The countertop sinks usually do not have a particular and refined design, but are simple, linear and essential in shape. The main advantage of these models is their compactness and practicality . They allow you to save space, a crucial factor for small bathrooms, and on the countertop around the sink you can arrange all the things that are used in the bathroom, such as soaps, perfumes, combs, etc.

Countertop washbasins

The shape of the countertop washbasins varies from 4 simple geometric shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle) up to a complex shape typical for the classic style.

The edge of the sink that rests on the top can be more or less high, depending on the model and its design.

Install a countertop washbasin

The installation of a sink countertop requires specific skills. In fact, to install this washbasin it is necessary to make the cut in the countertop as precisely as possible.

The weak point of the countertop washbasins is the junction between the sink and the top. This problem can be solved by using some sealing compound. However, dirt will always accumulate at the point of contact between the sink and the countertop and it will be particularly difficult to remove from the back of the sink adjacent to the wall.

Taps for built-in washbasins

Choose the mixer for your countertop washbasin based on the tap holes.

If there are no tap holes on the countertop sink, it is better to opt for a wall-mounted mixer or a normal tap based on the height of the sink rim (in the latter case the tap will be installed on the top).

For countertop washbasins with a tap hole , it is best to choose a full-sized mixer (as for a wall-hung washbasin).

If the countertop has three tap holes , it is recommended to look for a tap with a spout and two knobs.

IMPORTANT TIP: watch out for the overflow ! It is not always present in the countertop models. So to avoid unpleasant surprises and flooding your bathroom it is preferable to take a free-flow drain if there is no overflow hole in the sink and a click-clack drain if your sink has one.