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Oval washbasins with an original design designed and engineered by Olympia Ceramica to furnish the bathroom with style and elegance! Discover the proposals in this online catalog and buy your oval washbasin by choosing between different types of installation: countertop, built-in or under-counter. You can buy our furniture washbasins at cheap and very advantageous prices! The offers are unbeatable: take advantage of them now!

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The oval washbasin is an extremely comfortable and practical model that adapts perfectly to the bathroom of any style, both modern and classic. Soft curves and rounded lines of the oval sinks will add a sweet and elegant touch to your bathroom.

First type oval washbasin

Oval basin material

The oval washbasins can be made of different materials. Along with the hugely popular traditional ceramics, we can find oval bathroom sinks in glass, metal, marble, stone and modern composite materials.

Color of the oval washbasin

Apart from the standard white, you can indulge yourself with the colored oval washbasins. You can choose a red, or green, or light blue, or orange washbasin. Very elegant is the black and white combination.

Dimensions of the oval washbasin

The dimensions of the oval sinks vary from 50 cm to 80 cm and above. The most requested and most suitable size for most bathrooms is about 60 cm.

Mounting type of the oval washbasin

Among the oval-shaped washbasins we find many built-in models, both above and under counter. The built-in washbasins are the simplest ones, while the countertop washbasins are more particular, they stand out for their design.

Second type oval washbasin

The choice of the faucet for your oval washbasin

The choice of the mixer must be made based on the number of holes for the tap. Some oval washbasins have no tap housing and require the installation of the mixer on the wall or on the top next to the sink (in the latter case it is advisable to take a special tall model of the mixer).

For the three-hole sink, choose a tap with one spout and two knobs, while for a single-hole sink, look for a mixer, obviously oval-shaped like your sink.

Oval washbasins: beautiful and easy to clean

Oval washbasins are not only aesthetically attractive, but also very practical to clean. Thanks to their oval shape, without corners, dirt accumulates less.

Price of oval washbasins

The price of washbasins in this category depends on many factors: material, color, size, design and the brand.

Our catalog offers the purchase of oval models at very affordable prices. We suggest you study the characteristics of oval sinks and select the one that's right for you and your bathroom.