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Built-in sinks for modern and contemporary bathrooms: discover all our proposals and choose which built-in sink is best suited to your needs. Round, oval, square and rectangular washbasins (available in different sizes) to be installed on top or under counter. On our e-commerce you will find the Olympia Ceramica furnishing washbasins: high quality collections that can be purchased online at cheap and very affordable prices.

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Inset basin: types

The built-in washbasins , as their name explains very well, are built-in, that is, mounted directly in the bathroom tops. Very often, built-in sinks are an integral part of a bathroom cabinet. They take up little space and are easy to clean.

Built-in sinks can have the most different shape. The most comfortable are rectangular and oval models, asymmetrical ones are more suitable for installation in a corner.

Built-in washbasins

There are three types of built-in washbasins:

1. The countertop models. These are those washbasins that are recessed into the countertop, but have a small edge that rests on the top.

2. Undercounter models. They are completely embedded in the top, they can only be seen from above.

3. The semi-recessed models. They are those sinks that rest on the top of the cabinet, while their front part partially protrudes forward.

5 advantages of built-in sinks

1 / Practicality and ergonomics . Concerning these aspects, built-in washbasins are in first place. They fit into bathrooms of any size and are comfortable for both adults and children.

Furniture with a built-in sink allows you to organize and make the most of space. Inside the cabinet you can store your things. If space permits, it is advisable to choose a large top which will allow you to have an additional countertop on which to place your personal hygiene and beauty products or some design object to give a personal touch to your bathroom.

2 / There is no need to fix the sink to the wall . This advantage is particularly important for bathrooms with fragile walls such as plasterboard walls, or for bathrooms with beautiful and precious coatings.

3 / An additional protection of the washbasin from mechanical damage due to the fact that the tub is embedded in the support surface. So a greater guarantee from cracks and chips!

4 / Easy cleaning . Being built into the top, the sinks have their external part enclosed in the cabinet and therefore get much less dirty.

5 / The cabinets with a built-in washbasin allow you to hide the water connections of the washbasin , i.e. the siphon and the tap hoses.

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