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The freestanding washbasins are a particular proposal for the bathroom suitable for those who love a refined design. If you too are looking for a freestanding washbasin with original and high-impact lines, take a look at the Olympia Ceramica collections selected for you on this section of our e-commerce. High quality furniture washbasins, aesthetically perfect and can be purchased online at very advantageous prices. Discover the offers!

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Free standing washbasin - what is it?

Freestanding washbasins

A free standing washbasin (literally "the one that stands up on its own, without any support and without being fixed to the wall or the floor") or a freestanding washbasin are the latest trend in bathroom furniture fashion. A freestanding sink is associated with a luxurious bathroom furniture, in which the large surface of the bathroom allows the models of sanitary ware and washbasins with a unique design to be presented in a majestic way.

The range of freestanding sinks is very wide and includes products of different shapes, color solutions and designs .

Given the stylistic variety of freestanding washbasin models (freestanding washbasins), everyone will be able to find something that meets their needs, regardless of whether they are lovers of modern style, minimalism or classic style.

(You know how to pronounce "freestanding", right?)

Freestanding sink dimensions

Freestanding sinks are quite large in size, which means they are not suitable for small bathrooms, but in a spacious bathroom they will harmonize with an exclusive design.

A freestanding sink is usually 85 - 87 cm high from the ground, while its diameter can vary according to its design.

Freestanding sink materials ceramic, stone or corian?

Very often freestanding washbasins are made of composite materials , such as Corian, which thanks to their properties allow to materialize many unusual ideas of their creators, architects and designers. Then we also find stone, metal, glass, wood, marble, ceramic, porcelain stoneware, but also a mix of various materials.

Shapes and colors of freestanding sinks

The freestanding washbasins can have various shapes: cylindrical (probably the most common shape), oval, square, conical and even more complex shapes. The choice is very wide. Among the colors reigns the white , both opaque and glossy; noteworthy is the very elegant combination of black and white freestanding washbasin.

Assembly of freestanding sinks

Wanted expert plumber

The freestanding washbasins are installed directly on the floor and do not require additional wall fixing. Due to their unusual shape, they are often chosen for guest bathrooms and bedrooms. These modern sinks are usually positioned well exposed, for example, in front of the bathroom entrance. Or, freestanding sinks can be installed as a piece of furniture, that is, near a wall, a window or anywhere else in the bathroom. It is important to prepare water connections and pipes under the floor or ceiling.

Freestanding basin mixer

A single tap for a single sink!

The free standing washbasin can be combined with a tap mounted on the wall,on the floor and even on the ceiling. This will be another unusual solution to surprise your friends and the standing ovation will be guaranteed!

Like traditional sinks, freestanding sink models also need a faucet and a siphon. The difference is that it will be necessary to prepare the necessary pipes and connections during the renovation work and not at the last minute.

Freestanding sink prices

Freestanding washbasins The prices of free standing sinks vary a lot according to the design and materials used. An inexpensive freestanding washbasin is the ceramic one .

On the other hand, the price of a freestanding washbasin in Corian, solid surface or other composite materials rises considerably and can cost double or even triple, exceeding a thousand Euros. But design, you know, costs money.

On you will find various online freestanding washbasin models by Olympia Ceramica at already discounted prices.

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Freestanding sinks design and minimalism

Will you pass me the soap?

One of the peculiarities of freestanding washbasins is the absence of additional accessories such as a countertop, a piece of furniture or a wall unit that we are used to in traditional washbasin models. Of course, people always need a place to store soap and other hygiene items in bathrooms, so this can be considered a disadvantage. However, a unique design and unsurpassed aesthetic qualities make up for this lack.

Or, you can combine your particular freestanding sink with particular and design bathroom accessories.

A museum in your home

We conclude by saying that a modern washbasin performs two main functions: it is used for the hygienic purpose and acts as a furnishing accessory. The freestanding models are the trendy washbasins of modern bathrooms. These products are completely different from traditional washbasin models, they represent a design object and sometimes they are true works of art.