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The double sink is a truly original solution, designed for those who love comfortable and practical bathrooms. If you are also looking for a double sink, browse our catalog and discover the Olympia Ceramica collections. Bathroom sink with two basins at cheap and very affordable prices. Discover now the best offers on the web.

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A double sink is a particular type of "familiar" sink characterized by the presence of two basins, in which each basin is designed for a single mixer. This allows two users to use the sink at the same time. We called it “familiar” because it makes using the sink extremely comfortable during a family's rush hour, for example in the morning when everyone is in a hurry to get ready and leave the house.

Use of a double washbasin

Apart from private houses and apartments, the double sink is also used in double rooms in hotels. For other public structures it is better to avoid this model and opt for built-in or under-counter washbasins. The two-bowl sink is not suitable even for a small bathroom as it requires space for both it and the two people who will use it at the same time; from an ergonomic point of view it will not be very comfortable.

Among the double sinks are both suspended from those models that support that are mounted on a mobile.

The suspended double basin sinks are installed directly on the wall. It is advisable to use the appropriate brackets. The space under the sink remains open and you can use it according to your needs. In this case it is preferable to take a nice design siphon model since you will have it in sight.

Double basin sink

The double sink bath tub recessed over the mobile require first of all the suitable piece of furniture, or that purchased together with the sink, or the one made by your carpenter. Inside the cabinet you can put personal hygiene items as well as household cleaners.

Discover our proposals for double washbasins with cabinet.

Advantages of double sinks

  • Lack of queues for washing. Having two sinks reduces or completely removes the "congestion" in the bathroom in the morning or evening.
  • Convenience of cleaning. The double sink is made from the same material and represents a single body, without joints where dirt could accumulate. Cleaning becomes much easier.

Disadvantages of a double basin sink

  • Double basin bathroom sinks are not suitable for small bathrooms. These models are usually quite massive. Not only do they have to fit into a bathroom, but also ensure their comfortable use by two users at the same time.
  • Impossibility of repair. If a tub breaks, the entire sink will need to be replaced.

The choice of the mixer for a double sink

Choose a faucet that fits your washbasin. The choice must be made based on the number of holes for the tap in each of the tanks.

If there are no holes in the sink, the mixer should be installed on the wall.

If the sink has one or three holes, choose the corresponding mixer.

Obviously the taps must be the same for the two tanks.

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