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The countertop washbasin is the ideal solution for those who love a modern style bathroom. Our e-shop offers you a wide range of countertop washbasins with a strong and decisive character, available in different formats and sizes. Discover among our Olympia Ceramica collections different square, rectangular, oval or round models, and buy them online at an economical and very advantageous price. Here are the offers!

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Countertop basin

Counter top washbasins have become increasingly popular in recent times. A countertop sink is a sink installed on any base. Very often it is a top or a bathroom cabinet.

Advantages of countertop sinks

The advantages of countertop sinks are obvious:

Countertop washbasins

1 / A very wide range of shapes, materials and designs.

2 / Optimal use of free space. Under the sink top, you can place a laundry basket or drawers for small items.

3 / The presence of a horizontal surface that becomes the base for the sink. It can be used as a countertop for personal hygiene items and beauty products or simply for design objects.

4 / Possibility to place the countertop washbasin anywhere in the bathroom. Sinks are not divided into angular and straight as each of them can be mounted in the most suitable place for it. The main condition is to have a countertop.

5 / Quite simple and quick assembly. To install a countertop washbasin, it is necessary to drill the countertop, through which the water connections for the washbasin will pass.

Tip : remember to seal the sink to the top with a silicone thread, preferably transparent and anti-mold type, and let it dry. This will help you avoid problems with humidity and related discomfort.

Which countertop basin tap to choose?

When choosing the countertop sink, it is important to choose the right mixer . Usually, the countertop washbasin models are combined with a built- in wall tap or with a tall mixer that is also installed on the top. Then check both the length and the height of the tap. The mixer must necessarily fit the size of the sink, otherwise it will be impossible to use them together.

There are also models of countertop washbasins with tap hole which are usually single hole. In practice, they already have a hole on the ceramic for the tap, where your mixer will be mounted.

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