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A corner bathroom sink is a great solution to solve many of the space-related problems. Ideal for small bathrooms, this kind of washbasin blends perfectly with any furniture thanks to its refined and high-impact designs. Discover our proposals for corner sinks and make your purchase online. We guarantee you the best prices on the web. Our corner washbasins are signed by Olympia Ceramica.

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Corner basin, an excellent solution for small bathrooms

Corner washbasins are usually small in size and are designed for installation in a corner of the bathroom, allowing in this case to optimize space.

They fully perform their primary function: to make us wash our hands. It is no coincidence that these compact models are also called hand washbasins. The corner washbasins allow you to make even a small bathroom functional because they exploit an empty space at the intersection of two walls.

The corner bathroom sinks are very often chosen for a second bathroom which is usually smaller than the main one. In the space under the sink you can place a small laundry basket or a dustbin.

The most popular models are washbasins in the shape of a segment of a circle or triangular. Very popular are also models of asymmetrical sinks.

Why choose a corner basin: the advantages

Corner washbasins

The advantages of corner sinks include small size, ease of installation and low prices.

Due to its compactness and low weight, installing the corner sink requires a minimum of time and effort. They are mounted directly to the wall. The only drawback of these models is that the siphon remains visible. However, even for this problem the manufacturers have found an excellent solution - various attractive-looking designer siphons.

Bathroom corner sink mixers: which ones to choose?

Watch out for the mixer you choose for your corner sink! It should also have small dimensions (in particular, pay attention to the models with the Ø 25mm cartridge), fortunately today on the market there is a wide choice of products.

And don't be afraid to dare! A small design corner sink will make even a small bathroom special.

A tip: to make a small room more spacious visually, arrange the furniture items around the walls leaving the center of the room empty. In addition, you can use the light shades of the walls and mirrors.

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