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If you are looking for a console sink, then you have to browse our online catalog and take a look at the different proposals of Olympia Ceramica designer washbasins. We offer you consoles for bathroom sinks to combine with vanity units, perfect for classic and contemporary furnishings: discover the sink offers we have reserved for you! Our sales prices are the lowest on the web!

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Console basin: elegance and practicality!

A console sink is very elegant , but at the same time very practical . It represents a washbasin model with a large tub and two very comfortable side "wings" that act as a support surface. It is a single body made of the same material, without joints, which makes it extremely practical for cleaning.


Shapes, sizes and styles of console bathroom sinks

The bowl shape of the console sinks can be oval, semicircular or rectangular. Console washbasins are usually inserted in a bathroom with a classic or neo-classic design , but the rectangular shapes will also work well for a minimalist style bathroom.

The dimensions of these washbasins must be at least 70 cm wide. Clearly they can also be smaller or wider, especially if it is a double tank model.

Console sinks for the bathroom are usually installed at a height of 80-85 cm from the floor.

A tip: if the sink has holes for the tap, it is preferable to install the mixer first and then fix the sink; so you will work more comfortable.

Console washbasin installation

Bathroom consoles require fairly simple assembly . They can be suspended and are fixed to the wall with brackets or fixings. Since it is usually a sturdy and heavy body, many models of bathroom consoles go in combination with special structures or legs which complete the console for style and design. Pay attention to the choice of the siphon : since it remains visible, it is advisable to opt for a nice design siphon.

Three advantages of console sinks for the bathroom

  • Elegance . The soft lines of the console are highlighted by the majestic support structures.
  • Functionality . It is the main feature of this model. The large tub will please everyone, while the side wings will protect against splashes of water on the ground. In addition, they can serve as a support for your small bathroom items or simply for design objects.
  • Easy cleaning . A console washbasin is made of the same material and although it is a heavy body, it requires easy cleaning thanks to the absence of joints between various elements.