Coloured bathroom sinks

Colored washbasins: the new bathroom trend! To all those who love a colorful and cheerful bathroom, we present this original line of colored and two-tone sinks by Olympia Ceramica. Discover the collection of sinks and buy a colored sink online at an economical and very convenient price! We have reserved for you the best offers on the web!

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Gone are the days when the sink could only be white. Stimulated by fierce competition, the manufacturers are expanding their product catalog and some of them have started producing colored washbasin models to attract new customers. (And we customers are happy: the bigger the choice, the better!) A red sink, a light blue sink or an orange sink will brighten the bathroom and give it a special and personal touch.

Colored bathroom fixtures and washbasins are a relatively new trend, at least as regards a large variety of color solutions on the market today.

However, the advice we feel we can give is to do things in moderation.

Colored washbasins

Coloured bathroom sinks: how to choose the right colour

If your tiles, floors and wall coverings have light shades, it will be easier to experiment with a colored sink: it will stand out more and make the bathroom environment more lively. Even towels and bathrobes can be matched to the color of the sink or, on the contrary, you can choose contrasting fabrics and accessories. The main rule is not to overdo it, stick to two or three colors.

When choosing colored bathroom sinks, you should pay attention not only to color, but also to other parameters: size, shape, material (mainly ceramic or glass), type of assembly and installation . As for the dimensions, these must be chosen according to the size of your bathroom and the number of members of your family.

The shape of the bathroom sink, on the other hand, like its color, must complement or, on the contrary, stand out from other elements.

Based on the characteristics of your bathroom, you can also choose the most convenient type of installation for your washbasin: countertop, wall-hung, with column, built-in or countertop.

Here are the 3 basic rules for choosing the color for your bathroom :

1. Various shades can visually reduce or increase the space, so for a small bathroom it is advisable to choose colors that make it larger. Green light to light shades!

2. Don't overdo it with strong colors. Use a maximum of 2-3 colors as long as they match each other.

3. The chosen color must please all members of the family, otherwise there is trouble !!!.

Let's see the characteristics of some colors

Red stands out against a white, gray or dark background. It is the favorite color of active and sunny people. A bathroom with different red elements will charge you with energy for the whole day. The important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise your bathroom can annoy you or even increase aggression.

Colored washbasins

Orange is associated with warmth, goodness and comfort, it is able to fight depression, to give happiness and positive energy. Orange goes well with pastel colors, that is, apricot, cream, beige. However, please note that orange is not recommended for small bathrooms as it visually reduces space.

The green color has relaxing and calming properties. To achieve this effect, however, it is necessary to choose the right shade. Too light or saturated shades will most likely not work, it is better to give preference to more muted shades, for example, olive green, teal or pale green. They will go well with beige, cream, orange or pink.

Blue expands the space, making the bathroom wider and deeper. Also, blue is associated with the sea, so it has a calming effect. It goes well with yellow, orange, beige and white. If blue seems too cold to you, the alternative could be light blue . It has the same calming characteristics as blue and matches the same colors.

Pink fills the bathroom with tenderness and a romantic air. It suits gray, white and purple.

colorful bathroom sink

Various shades of brown are often chosen for home décor as they fill the space with coziness and comfort. They go well with light colors or between them.

Black is a strong color, but also very elegant, especially in combinations with white. It is a perfect match for classic or even neo-classic bathroom settings.

A black sink can be completed with the black Olympia Ceramica sanitary fittings or with the black taps by Gaboli Fratelli (black sink tap, black drain, black siphon).

Bathroom sinks prices - On a wide range of cheap colored sinks

In our catalog of colored washbasins you can choose the washbasin in the shades you like best. Note that all colored washbasins are supplied with a ceramic drain matching the washbasin.

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