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Modern bathroom sinks

In everyday life we are looking for more and more comfort and ergonomics. This also applies to the most common and simple things, for example, bathroom sinks. Modern bathroom sinks acquire new characteristics and shapes, becoming even more attractive and comfortable. Given the wide range of products offered by specialist shops, it is not so easy to choose a suitable bathroom sink. What criteria to follow? What features should you pay attention to? We see it below.

Shape of the bathroom sinks bathroom sinks prices

Bathroom sinks can be round, oval, square, rectangular, asymmetrical. In recent years, unusual shapes and refined designs have also become popular: triangles, rhombuses, hearts, drops and so on.

Color of the bathroom sinks

The sink does not have to be white, it can be of any color, as long as it is in harmony with the color solution of the bathroom in general. Thanks to modern technologies, ceramic washbasins are no longer white as snow but are dressed in all the colors of the rainbow. The colored bathroom sinks are characterized by great expressiveness and a variety of designs.

Dimensions of the bathroom sinks

The size of the sink should be selected based on the surface of the bathroom and specific needs. A spacious bathroom does not always need a large sink, an alternative could be two smaller sinks, if for example several people use the bathroom at the same time in the morning. The optimal width of a standard washbasin is 60 cm, while its depth should be 50-60 cm. As for the height, the sink is usually mounted 80 - 85 cm from the ground.

To increase the size of the sink, a double bathroom sink can be used.

Bathroom sink materials

Sinks should withstand a high load because in addition to hygienic procedures, they often wash or play with them (in the case of small children). Or, you may accidentally drop a perfume bottle on it. In addition, the sink is constantly subjected to the action of water, whose composition is far from ideal, and to chemical cleaning products that attack the external surface of the sink. Therefore, the bathroom washbasin materials must be durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical actions.

According to the material, the sinks are divided into:

  • - ceramic
  • - glass
  • - metal
  • - wood
  • - composite materials.

Ceramic washbasins are the most requested. Ceramic is a product known and used by man since prehistoric times and this is its best guarantee.

Modern ceramic bathroom sinks are produced from a mixture of clay and other components called “barbetta” in the jargon. The "biscuit" of the sink is baked at over 1000 degrees, dried and glazed, which makes the sink durable and resistant. In addition, the particular enamel protects it from dirt and bad smells.

The advantages of ceramics are numerous. A ceramic bathroom sink does not have an excessive cost; the ceramic material offers a wide range of shapes, colors and design solutions. In addition, it is easy to clean and is resistant to moisture and detergents, including abrasive ones. These are just a small list of the benefits of this fantastic material.

Type of installation of bathroom sinks

Bathroom sink prices

A modern bathroom sink can be mounted in various ways. Clearly, installation by qualified personnel is recommended.

So on the market we find:

  • - countertop bathroom sink
  • - suspended bathroom sink
  • - built-in washbasin and semi-built-in washbasin
  • - under-counter and countertop washbasin
  • - floor- standing bathroom sink, i.e. on pedestal (and also semi-pedestal)
  • - console sink
  • - free standing washbasin (or freestanding washbasin)
  • - corner bathroom sink
  • - bathroom sink on structure or bathroom sink with cabinet.

The sinks also differ according to the tap hole .

There are models of sinks with one tap hole, sinks with three tap holes and those without a tap hole. Sinks with a tap hole are the most common , and it is advisable (and more functional) if the mixer is installed in the center of the sink.

The sinks with three tap holes are often the classic ones, or are chosen by those who prefer a tap with two knobs: one for hot water and one for cold water.

The sinks without tap hole have a clean design, but at the same time they are also very functional.

Choice of bathroom sink

And in the end, which bathroom sink should we choose?

Bathroom sinks prices As we have seen, first of all it is necessary to define the size of the sink, its shape, material and color. It is important that the sink is not only functional or practical, but also beautiful. It is therefore worth considering also unusual design bathroom sink models that will bring a touch of freshness into your bathroom. Fear not! Find a sink that combines attractive and functional looks and your bathroom will satisfy the needs of your whole family with its practicality and beauty.

Let's recap the 4 basic requirements of the perfect bathroom sink :

1. Design in line with the general style of the bathroom. The sink design shouldn't contradict the bathroom environment as a whole.

2. Proportionality . A bulky sink will "eat up" a lot of useful space in a small bathroom, while a small bathroom sink will get lost in a spacious bathroom.

3. Comfort and safety . If there are small children in the family, glass sinks will create a potential threat. Even a suspended bathroom sink is not the best option because the support brackets are not as reliable as possible. On the other hand, bathroom sinks on the ground (i.e. on a column ) or under-counter or built-in washbasins are safer.

From the point of view of shape, an oval or round bathroom sink will be the perfect one if you want to reduce any injury or trauma.

4. Ergonomics and everyday comfort . Is it comfortable to approach the sink? Are the hydraulic connections easy to access? Does the washbasin require special cleaning? Will it be possible to wash the floor under and around the sink without any problems? Where will personal care products and household cleaners be placed? Also take these aspects into account when choosing your bathroom sink.

We close with an important piece of advice: to install the washbasin, call your trusted plumber or in any case use professionals.