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Are you looking for a new wall hung toilet to combine with the bidet or to install individually? On our e-commerce you will find a wide range of hanging pots at cheap and very affordable prices. Classic or modern sanitary ware with simple lines and more original solutions for designer bathrooms. We guarantee you a fast and safe online sales service. Browse our catalog and find out which model is best suited to your bathroom. You will find very interesting offers!

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Wall-hung toilet: a wide range of models

suspended toilet Let's examine below the suspended toilet, a very practical and functional type of bathroom fixture.

Do you have to furnish the bathroom and are you still undecided on the type of sanitary ware to buy? Or are you doing the bathroom renovation and need to replace the toilet?

In this section of our online catalog you will find a wide selection of wall-hung toilets , some with a modern and elegant design and others characterized by a more retro, elaborate and sumptuous style.

If you want to buy a wall hung toilet without bidet, here you have the possibility to do it without problems, otherwise you can choose one of our pairs of suspended sanitary ware combined with each other.

But let's go back to the single wall-hung toilet and let's consider together its main characteristics, as well as its most important advantages.

Wide catalog of suspended toilet bowls: wide choice of shapes, sizes and colors

suspended vase Until a few years ago, choosing a bathroom fixture was a fairly simple activity: there weren't so many models and the toilet lines were all very similar to each other.

Today, however, the market offers a wide range : in addition to the classic floor- mounted toilets, in fact, wall-hung toilets have also been introduced.

These particular bathroom fixtures have given rise to a new trend that in a short time has been able to conquer the tastes of many people.

Thanks to their clean appearance, the suspended toilets furnish the bathroom with simplicity, elegance and with that extra touch of originality that never hurts.

There are solutions and collections of all kinds, classic suspended sanitary ware or modern suspended vases, minimalist or more articulated lines, square or rounded shapes, refined designs, colored or two-tone suspended sanitary ware.

Wc suspended or on the ground?

suspended toilet Simplified cleaning operations - More hygiene and practicality

Choosing to buy a suspended toilet means saving time and effort in cleaning operations.

In fact, the suspended toilet, leaving space between the ceramic and the floor, allows you to clean the suspended toilet bowl and the underlying part in a more accurate and meticulous way. And even faster!

Wall-hung toilet - Smaller footprint

Another important feature of suspended cabinets is their size . In fact, thanks to the type of installation and its particular structure, a suspended toilet will take up less space than a floor-mounted toilet. The suspended toilet bowls give air to the bathroom.

The biggest advantage that derives from this is that a suspended toilet can also be placed in small bathrooms with little surface available.

Suspended toilet measures. Suspended toilet height

The suspended toilet measures are roughly the same as the measures of the floor vases. Obviously the parameter that changes is the suspended toilet height. The recommended height of the suspended toilet from the ground is 42 cm , therefore it is not a fixed height and can be changed according to personal needs (for example, for disabled people or the elderly the suspended toilet height is 45-50 cm) . The height of the suspended toilet drain is about 23 cm from the floor.

The standard wall-hung toilet measures are 50 - 54 cm deep, i.e. distance from the wall to the front edge of the toilet, and approximately 36 cm wide. In any case, we invite you to check the suspended toilet technical sheet attached to each suspended toilet and can also be viewed online on our e-commerce.

Price suspended toilet

suspended toilets The suspended toilet cost varies and depends on some factors such as:

  • type of toilet seat to be combined with the suspended toilet

  • suspended vater design

  • presence of the rimless system in the suspended toilet bowl

  • color

Clearly, a standard wall-hung toilet costs less, while a special "accessorized" toilet will increase in price. A standard white wall-hung toilet will cost around 150 Euros; instead for a colored or rimless suspended toilet it will take more than 500 Euros.

It is also true that various options that are added (and are the ones that lead to the increase in suspended toilet prices) make suspended sanitary vessels more practical and functional .

For example, a rimless wall hung toilet is a toilet designed without a curved inner edge. Without this part, which is very difficult to reach during cleaning operations , washing the wall-hung toilet will be much easier and faster. In addition, the drainage flow of a rimless suspended toilet will be able to reach every internal point , taking away all the residues without the need for an additional rinse.

There is also another possibility: that is to buy a soft close toilet seat that slows down the closing of the seat and prevents it from banging on the suspended toilet. But not only. There are also new quick release tablets (take off) designed to easily detach from the suspended toilet whenever you want to clean the toilet, thus ensuring greater hygiene.

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