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Do you want to replace your old bathroom sanitary ware with new wall hung wc and bidet? Discover in our catalog the wall-mounted installation sanitary ware by Olympia Ceramica: classic or modern sanitary ware, perfect for minimal style bathrooms and more! Find the toilet and wall hung bidet that best suits your needs. You can buy suspended sanitary ware online at cheap and advantageous prices: take advantage of our toilet and bidet offers now! Our e-shop deals with the online sale of suspended toilets, bidets and many other solutions for bathroom furnishings. Suspended sanitary installation: here are some small and precious tips!

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Choice of suspended bathroom fixtures

suspended sanitary cost

The suspended sanitary ware represents one of the best alternatives for those who want to create a design bathroom with a great impact.

Their particular installation suspended from the floor , with fixing exclusively to the wall, in fact gives the whole bathroom a touch of originality that makes the difference.

Choosing a suspended toilet and bidet means choosing versatile and innovative products, adaptable to any furnishing context.

There are different types of suspended sanitary ware on the market: models with the most refined lines of classic or modern mold, accompanied by simpler and more linear solutions perfect for small modest bathrooms and characterized by a minimalist style.

wall hung toilet prices - wall hung bidet prices Search for your pair of sanitary ware on offer in the online catalog and discover the advantageous prices of the sanitary ware we have selected for you: many offers not to be missed!

Advantages of suspended toilets and bidets

One of the greatest advantages that a suspended sanitary ware offers is the consequent ease of cleaning : in fact, not resting directly on the ground, it allows you to clean the floor in a simple and fast way.

Another important advantage of wall-hung sanitary ware is that they do not require the use of special fixings for anchoring to the floor, as is the case for floor-mounted toilets and bidets.

Wall-hung toilets and bidets have smaller dimensions than floor-mounted sanitary ware: they take up less space and therefore can be placed even in the smallest bathrooms without causing excessive bulk.

Suspended sanitary measures: small tips on how to install suspended sanitary ware

suspended bathroom fixtures

  • The installation of a suspended sanitary fixture can only be carried out on walls of a certain size and thickness , strong and resistant, able to make up for the lack of support on the floor.
  • In the event that the walls are too thin, consolidation interventions will have to be carried out.

It is preferable to choose a suspended toilet and bidet during a bathroom renovation, when there is already a ready-made flooring, already laid , especially if it is particularly delicate (as for example in the case of parquet), so as not to have to intervene too much invasive and break the floor.

In summary, we can say that suspended sanitary ware must represent the perfect mix of elegance, design and functionality .

Suspended Sanitary Offers - Suspended Sanitary Prices

Sanitary wc prices - Sanitary economic prices: find out in the catalog the product that best suits your needs!

How much do suspended sanitary ware cost? On the market it is possible to find suspended toilets and bidets of different price ranges: from cheap and super discounted suspended sanitary ware, up to sanitary ware with a more refined design and therefore on sale at a higher cost . What matters is that they are always suspended toilets and bidets of excellent quality!

Suspended sanitary ware prices offers on IDEEARREDO.com - Suspended sanitary ware offers

Suspended toilet prices - Cheap bidets prices: wide range of toilet and bidet offers

Our e-commerce offers you a large catalog of high quality suspended toilets and bidets , all at very affordable prices, guaranteed by the Olympia Ceramica brand.

Suspended sanitaryware dimensions: small sanitary ware (small economic sanitary ware) and small suspended sanitaryware

Lots of ideas for: small toilets, small bidets online

Within our catalog of wall hung toilets and bidets you will find different solutions both in terms of style and in terms of size. In fact, we offer you several proposals of modern and classic suspended sanitary ware ideal for large bathrooms but also for small bathrooms with little space available, and all this without sacrificing design and functionality!

suspended sanitary ware dimensions

suspended sanitary ware for sale online

Offer suspended sanitary ware, bidet and cheap suspended toilet

Discover now our classic or modern suspended sanitary ware, some also available without rim, such as the Clear series .
100% Made in Italy products. Suspended sanitary ware on offer at very affordable prices!

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