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Why choose wall-mounted urinals

wall-mounted urinals The advantages of installing a wall-mounted urinal both in a public place and at home are many, starting with the hygiene of the materials and following the practicality of use. As for the materials, we can say that ceramic urinals allow for greater versatility of design and styles. Stainless steel urinals for men are suitable for a more modern style and are easy to maintain. The urinals in synthetic material are suitable for those who prefer lightness and comfort. There are also urinals for women , but they are still little known and widespread and are usually equipped with hoses to allow women to urinate standing up without having to touch or lean on public toilets that are not well sanitized.

The modern design lines of the urinals allow you to direct your choice of bathroom furniture in the direction of the urinals to be installed even in private homes, especially when the owners are men. Different styles are available from the simplest and most classic shape to the most futuristic and in different colors. The most innovative urinals are equipped with self-cleaning systems without using water or electricity, but simply using a concentrated liquid placed in a special cartridge duly positioned that blocks the ascent and at the same time sanitizes and deodorizes the environment. The filter is replaced on average after 6 thousand uses.

urinal Wall-mounted urinals - from a visual point of view - are comparable to suspended sanitary ware because they are equipped with a support frame, a drain plate and an integrated mechanism; compared to the latter they are quieter, but more difficult to install. Typically, wall-mounted urinals have a built-in flush mechanism; below the sanitary, the drainage system is installed which consists of a siphon. Since the urinal has also become an option for domestic bathroom furniture , it is proposed in some cases and on request with the endowment of the flap tablets , so that the urinal can be requested or covered for greater cleanliness.

In public urinals, separating panels for user privacy can be found to accompany the installation.

Wall-mounted urinal for a public or private bathroom

the urinal Can urinals be installed in a private house? The answer is obviously yes, because they integrate the ease of use of public toilets and the hygiene of a sanitary by minimizing contact with the plumbing parts and also the design. When you decide to install a wall-mounted urinal in a private or public bathroom, you must always evaluate the style you want to achieve and the overall harmony. According to the type of drain, urinals are divided into three types :

  • Regular or traditional: flushing is activated by pressing a button as in all conventional toilets. The button can be integrated into the wall or as a lever on the upper edge of the hydraulic system;

  • Semi-automatic: the drain is activated by a sensor and reacts to the avant-garde of a hand or with a gesture of the user. An electrical power source is required for the sensors;

  • Automatic: the drain is activated as soon as the urine comes into contact with the urinal basin . Sensors detect the presence of liquid and activate rinsing.

urinal The size of a urinal to be installed in a private home is adapted to the needs of the owner: on average, urinals for adult men are positioned at a height of 65 cm from the floor. It is possible to prepare "temporary" urinals for children and teenagers in private homes, made of cheaper and removable materials, but which many consider useful to accustom the child to leave the "pot" and urinate standing up. However, this is a recent and still not very widespread trend.

Urinals in public places comply with standard dimensions:

  • Depth 36.5 cm;

  • Width 42.5 cm;

  • Height 79.7 cm.

The drain hole is usually 35mm.

Urinal price on offer on IDEEARREDO.com

On IDEEARREDO.com you can buy wall-hung urinals from 130 € of the Olympia Ceramica line . The colors are customizable and the modern and design lines are combined with any type of contemporary style: minimalism, industrial, squared, futurist.

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