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The traditional toilets and bidets offered in this section of our e-shop are the ideal solution for those who love the classic style. Browse the catalog and discover our collections of old style Olympia Ceramica sanitary ware: toilets and bidets with sinuous and delicate lines with references to traditional bathroom furnishings. Products on offer and cheap prices: take advantage of our online promotions now.

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Are traditional toilets still popular?

For all those who love the classic style, we offer in this section of our online catalog a wide range of traditional toilets made by Olympia Ceramica, Italy.

Although the market constantly offers many and innovative models of modern toilets and bidets, the traditional spirit and the retro taste still remain some of the most sought after features.

A trend that never goes out of fashion, therefore, and which once again confirms all its prestige: classic bathroom toilet bowls, in fact, thanks to their sinuous, soft and delicate lines are able to furnish the bathroom with extreme elegance.

This is why the proposals for classic toilets and bidets are truly endless, each with its own particular characteristic, but all characterized by a truly unique refinement .

Classic sanitary ware

Old fashioned toilets: wall hung or floor mounted?

There is also a double choice for the installation of classic sanitary ware: floor-mounted or wall hung toilet and bidet?

It is clear that the choice will be a consequence of our personal tastes, but it is also important to underline that, in some particular cases, it is necessary to pay close attention to another aspect: the space available.

No problem for those who have a spacious bathroom with a lot of surface to use; it is different for small bathrooms : in these cases it is preferable to choose a pair of suspended toilets and bidets.

In fact, a wall-hung toilet and bidet have smaller dimensions than floor-mounted sanitary fixtures and, consequently, require less space.

Furthermore, in perfect old fashioned style, it is also possible to opt for an installation that keeps the external fixings and the waste pipes in sight.

Always a matter of taste!

However, classic bathroom fixtures have the great peculiarity of being able to adapt to any furnishing context, even to a bathroom furnished with modern furniture.

Victorian style toilets' shapes and colors

Also with regard to the classic style, you have a wide choice of solutions: decorated models with almost rounded shapes to be customized, if necessary, with special finishes and colors.

Traditional toilets in black colour, for example, can be a valid alternative to white ceramic.

Classic sanitary ware

Old toilet cisterns

Classic vases usually have a thick toilet cover; they can also be combined with external, high or backpack cisterns.

Among other things, this type of cistern is highly recommended during the renovation of the bathroom: remaining outside, in fact, it does not require further masonry work to insert the wall drain.

Furthermore, in the case of floor-mounted toilets, it is also possible to choose a traditional close coupled wc.

Old fashioned bidet faucets and taps

Classic bidets can be single- hole or with 3-hole predisposition, depending on the chosen mixer.

As for the finishes of the taps, in these cases the gold finish is very suitable.

Old style toilets: great return of vintage!

If you too are weighing a vintage bathroom , the first piece of advice we want to give you concerns the choice of bathroom fixtures .

In this case, in fact, classic style toilets and bidets are the most suitable solution.

Combined with the right furnishing accessories, such as small tiles, furniture and various antiques, the retro sanitary ware perfectly completes a bathroom furniture inspired by the 50s.

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