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Do you want to buy a rimless toilet bowl? Discover all the solutions available on our catalog! The rimless (or Rimless) toilets, suspended or on the ground, are designed to allow the drain flow to completely reach the edge and the inside of the toilet, guaranteeing greater cleaning and significant water savings. The rimless bathroom fixtures on our e-shop are signed by Olympia Ceramica. Discover the products on offer: our prices are unbeatable!

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What is a rimless toilet

In recent years, a new type of sanitary ware has spread: we are talking about the so-called rimless toilets, also called open rim toilets.

An extremely important innovation, we will dare to say almost revolutionary, which has somehow changed the concept of cleaning and saving water in the bathroom.

But to fully understand what it is and to know in detail all the advantages of a rimless toilet, we believe it is more appropriate to first outline the main characteristics of the rim itself.

Have you ever heard about it?

A rim is nothing more than the internal edge of the toilet, that part of the sanitary with a curved shape from which the drain water comes out.

Precisely because of this particular conformation, the rim turns out to be a difficult area to clean and very uncomfortable to reach.

Although there are many products for bathroom hygiene on the market designed to reach the most hidden part of the toilet, the problem has never been completely overcome.

The best solution, and which solved every problem related to the cleaning of the bathroom, was precisely the design of the rimless sanitary ware.

How do rimless toilets work and what are its advantages?

Let's find out together.

By eliminating the rim, the surface of the toilet remains completely smooth and uniform : in this way the waste water is able to flow more linearly and without any slowdowns due to the presence of obstacles, (just like a rim could be).

The inside of the toilet bowl thus always remains clean and sanitized; the water is able to carry away any residue without the need for a further drain.

The system rinses the inside of the toilet in a complete and integral way with a stream of water without splashing .

And here is another very important advantage of a rimless toilet: lower water consumption and significant water savings .

We can therefore summarize the main advantages of a rimless toilet in these three points:

ease of cleaning;

deep cleaning and maximum sanitation;

water saving.

Open rim toilet: design and elegance

Another important aspect of rimless sanitary ware is that their new internal conformation does not in any way penalize the external part, the one therefore linked to aesthetics and design.

In fact, today it is possible to find on the market many models of rimless toilets with a refined design: very functional models from a technical point of view, perfect and elegant from an aesthetic point of view.

For example, discover here on our e-shop the Clear rimless toilet by Olympia Ceramica: a practical, functional and at the same time beautiful solution, which among other things will also save you money, thanks to our very affordable offers.

Rimless wall hung toilets and rimless back to wall toilets

Rimless toilet bowls are available both in the wall-mounted version and in the floor-mounted version.

For the whole series of advantages we have outlined above, they are preferable to traditional sanitary ware.

A rimless wall hung toilet is fixed to the wall without resting on the floor: for this reason the walls must be strong and very thick. Perfect for those who love design bathroom furniture with minimalist lines, suspended toilets will make cleaning even easier thanks to the space between the toilet and the floor.

A rimless back to wall toilet, on the other hand, rests directly on the floor: in this way greater resistance and stability will be guaranteed.

To conclude, we can affirm that the open rim sanitary ware, thanks to their characteristic of cleaning, are extremely suitable also in highly frequented public toilets, such as for example in bars, in accommodation facilities such as hotels, hotels and restaurants or in shopping centers, where hygiene is essential.