Close coupled toilets

The monoblock wc is a solution particularly suitable for those who want to reduce the masonry work during the restructuring of the bath: in fact, thanks to the already built-in flushing cistern in the jar, it will not be necessary to carry out large interventions inside the wall. Discover on our online catalog the single monobloc toilets by Olympia Ceramica: products with an elegant design, classic or modern, perfect for every style or need. We guarantee you the best prices on the web: seeing is believing!

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Choice of monobloc toilets

A monobloc toilet differs from other types of sanitary ware due to the position of its cistern .

In fact, the monobloc toilet is equipped with an external cistern that can be placed:

Monobloc toilet

  • in the back of a traditional toilet;
  • in the back of a back to wall toilet;
  • on the floor (in the case of wc with monolithic cistern).

The water attack can be high or low.

Advantages of a monobloc toilet

One of the greatest advantages that characterizes a monobloc toilet concerns the installation . In fact, thanks to its particular shape, this type of toilet can be installed without excessive and tiring masonry interventions.

Here are other important advantages that characterize the monobloc toilet:

  • the sanitary fixture is supplied in a complete set with toilet, cistern and drain mechanism (it is only necessary to add a matching toilet seat, which can be standard or with soft close clutch);
  • ergonomic shapes;
  • original and elegant designs;
  • high reliability;
  • quick and easy maintenance.

Monobloc toilet

Water with external box prices: discover the offers of our e-commerce

There are several models of monobloc toilet on the market to be customized according to your needs: on our catalog you can find different proposals for classic monobloc toilet or modern monobloc toilet to be included in any furniture.

In our online catalog, many 100% Made in Italy products on offer, made by Olympia Ceramica and selected for you at a discounted price . - monobloc toilet crazy prices!

For those who love a more decisive and high-impact style, we suggest a monobloc toilet with square and rigorous shapes, such as the Synthesis model.

In retro-style bathrooms, on the other hand, classic vases characterized by rounded and sinuous shapes are more suitable, such as the classic monobloc vase from the Impero collection.

Small suggestion: for a classic bathroom furniture you could choose a wooden toilet seat in combination with the monobloc toilet. Classic wooden toilet seats with slow closing are also available.

Furthermore, here you can complete your monobloc toilet with a flush-to-the-wall bidet, also by Olympia Ceramica and always at discounted prices !


If you are about to renovate the bathroom , the choice of a monobloc toilet can be very practical and convenient: in this way you can in fact intervene on the existing plumbing system without having to carry out too invasive work.