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Are you looking for close coupled WC and bidet for your bathroom? You are on the right site! Browse our catalog of inexpensive back to wall sanitary ware and discover all the collections of sanitary ware with close coupled wc that we have selected for you among the best proposals of the Olympia Ceramica company. Economic pots with elegant, functional and easy to install lines: in fact, thanks to the box that contains the drain mechanism, no further masonry work is required. What are you waiting for? Discover offers and prices and make your purchase online!

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The choice of close coupled WC and bidet

Monobloc sanitary ware represent the most practical and fastest solution in case you want to renovate the bathroom .

Monobloc bathroom sanitary ware at best price

This type of sanitary ware can in fact be installed without particular and excessive masonry interventions , thus reducing costs and working times.

But how is all this possible?

To find out, you need to understand how a monobloc toilet is structured.

Let's see it together.

Toilet with built-in cistern: how does it work?

A monobloc sanitary is a toilet equipped with an external cistern in which the drain mechanism is positioned: this cistern can be housed on the wall, on the same toilet or directly on the ground, without therefore having to go to intervene invasively on the floor or on the wall. .

Here are the main types of monobloc toilets (which we could also define as wall-mounted sanitary ware ) in detail:

Traditional monobloc toilet with cistern located in the back of the toilet;

Monobloc back to wall toilet with cistern positioned in the back of the toilet;

Monobloc toilet with monolithic cistern placed directly on the ground.

Monobloc toilet with bidetSanitary monoblocs with toilet

Monobloc bathroom design

The strength of the monobloc toilet is that this particular structural feature does not sacrifice the aesthetic and design component on the other hand: in fact, there are practical and functional monobloc toilets, elegant and of great impact at the same time.

You will therefore be able to find classic or modern monobloc sanitary fittings with a refined and refined design, with soft or more squared lines, captivating styles and solutions in colored version, monobloc toilet with floor drain or wall drain .

Where to buy monobloc sanitary ware on offer?

Search for your close- coupled toilet in the catalog : we offer a wide range of traditional models, such as the close-coupled toilet from the Rubino series, and back-to-wall models such as the elegant close-to-wall toilet from the Nicole line.

Monobloc back to wall wc, sanitary ware pricesMonobloc water bidet Discover these monobloc vases and many other Olympia Ceramica collections: on our catalog you will find excellent quality products on offer at discounted prices.

Monobloc sanitary ware can adapt to any type of bathroom but are more suitable for large rooms with a lot of space available.

One of the best solutions for bathroom renovation ; a perfect combination of practicality and design! - monobloc sanitary ware offers!