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Is your toilet out of date or too worn out? No problem! Now you can replace it by purchasing a new one on our e-commerce! Discover our Olympia Ceramica floor standing toilet proposal: classic or modern design products perfect for any bathroom. We guarantee you unbeatable prices and high quality sanitary ware: here are our offers, take advantage of them now!

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The right choice of back to wall toilets

flush to wall toilet Before buying a new flush-to-the-wall toilet, it is important to evaluate several aspects: making the right choice on a flush-to-wall toilet is essential to avoid being faced with unpleasant surprises during installation.

  • How much space do I have for my back to wall toilet with floor drainage?

  • what is the style of all the bathroom furniture that I have to refer to when choosing my flush-to-the-wall toilet?

  • what type of drain can I use, on the ground or on the wall?

  • what is the budget available for the flush-to-the-wall toilet?

Here, these are just some of the questions we must ask ourselves when we are about to choose a new flush-to-the-floor toilet .

In this section of our e-commerce we want to present you some models of floor -mounted toilets, to be purchased individually or in combination with the bidet, highlighting some of the main characteristics of this type of bathroom fixture.

The space to be exploited: too much or too little?

flush vase A fundamental aspect therefore concerns the space that we can dedicate to our floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilet.

Usually this problem does not arise for those lucky enough to have large bathrooms with many square meters to be exploited to install a flush-to-the-wall toilet.

For those who have a small bathroom , where it is not allowed to come out of a small outline, it will be necessary to pay close attention to the size .

Height, width and depth: centimeter in hand!

Only after having determined these measurements exactly, we could choose our flush-to-wall toilet in complete peace of mind!

On the IDEEARREDO catalog you will also find small floor vases perfect for small bathrooms and small spaces.

Floor vases: classic or modern style?

back to wall toilet The floor vases probably represent the most traditional sanitary ware.

The spaced toilet is the first model, among the traditional floor-mounted toilets, to appear on the market; as its name suggests, the vessel is positioned at a distance from the wall, with the drain pipe and the water inlet pipe visible. Nowadays however they prefer water flush, ie grounded vessels adhering to the wall and hidden pipes: these water level of the wall are aesthetically more beautiful and give the bathroom a clean and tidy appearance.

In fact, traditional toilets are found in old bathrooms, while flush toilets are typical for new homes. The cost is also different: the price of a spaced toilet is cheaper than a modern flush-to-wall toilet.

As for style, today there are many models on the market: classic or modern floor vases, designed for elegant and very refined bathrooms, but also more modest and simple solutions for minimal style bathrooms.

The choice is really wide: what matters is to choose a floor-standing toilet bowl that is in harmony with the rest of the bathroom furniture .

Back to wall toilet with floor or wall drainage

A flush-to-the-ground toilet can have a wall (wall) or floor (floor) drain .

So you will need to pay close attention to this technical aspect when choosing a flush-to-wall toilet. We advise you to carefully check the technical data sheet of the flush-to-wall toilet chosen and the toilet drain distance of the system to your home.

Wc shifted drain

There are special cases, perhaps when you have to replace an old toilet or during a bathroom renovation , in which a shifted toilet can be useful. In fact, the translated drain allows any type of toilet to adapt to the old existing plumbing system without having to carry out new interventions or masonry work on the walls or floors.

If you too are looking for a toilet with a shifted drain for your bathroom, take a look at the Synthesis Eco, Tutto Evo (with rim and rimless) and Formosa back to wall wc on our e-commerce.

Back to wall toilet prices

toilet flush with the wall Sore point: the budget .

If it is true that we can constantly change our minds about the back to wall toilet bowl to buy and make different evaluations, we do not have many alternatives on this aspect.

Once a price limit has been set , we must necessarily respect it.

But there is good news in this regard.

In fact, saving money does not necessarily mean buying a low-quality flush-to-wall vater, quite the contrary.

On our e-commerce you will find a vast catalog of flush-to-the-wall toilets with many offers and different models of floor- mounted bathroom toilets at very cheap and affordable prices .

Our back to wall toilets are made by Olympia Ceramica, one of the best companies in the bathroom ceramic sector.

By choosing a flush-to-the-wall toilet on you will have the certainty of buying a top quality floor-standing toilet at a really advantageous price.

Discover all our offers for back to wall toilets: choose Made in Italy.