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Do you want to renovate the bathroom? Start with the sanitary ware! If you are looking for a back to wall WC and bidet, on our e-commerce you can find the toilet and bidet on the ground you were looking for at a really affordable price! We present a wide range of classic or modern back to wall sanitary ware, perfect for any type of bathroom. The products in this catalog are guaranteed by the Olympia Ceramica company. Don't miss our offers!

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Back to wall WC and bidet: modern toilets and bidets, classic back to wall sanitary ware

The floor- standing sanitary fixtures represent a traditional choice that still finds a wide place in today's bathrooms .

In fact, over time, despite having left a lot of space for suspended sanitary ware which, with their particular installation, have somehow redefined the rules of design, floor-mounted toilets and bidets have nevertheless remained one of the main must- haves of design bathrooms .

Back to wall sanitary wareBack to wall toilet and bidet

On the other hand, the advantages they present are really many.

Back to wall sanitary design
Square sanitary ware on the ground or softer and rounder solutions?

Let's talk about design, in fact. Today it is possible to find many models of back to wall sanitary ware characterized by elegant lines, sinuous and refined shapes but also by more squared and geometric structures.

There is a style for every need!

In fact, on the online catalog of you can find different proposals of classic and modern back to wall toilets and bidets, perfect also for contemporary bathrooms.

But what does back to wall (or back to wall) bathroom fixtures mean?

By back to wall sanitary ware we mean all those floor standing toilets and bidets which remain adjacent to the wall and therefore do not show the unsightly pipe that connects them to the wall.

Square back to wall sanitary ware, wc and bidet offersBack to wall sanitary ware

Floor standing sanitary ware: greater stability for flush-to-wall toilets and bidets

A toilet and a bidet on the ground, resting directly on the floor, are very stable and resistant . The weight of those who use the sanitary ware discharges directly to the ground thus not weighing on the walls (which instead happens in suspended sanitary ware)

A f acyl installation for sanitary bathroom flush with the wall

The installation and maintenance of the sanitary ware on the ground is undoubtedly simpler and faster than that of the suspended sanitary ware.

Unlike a suspended sanitary fixture which necessarily requires thick and sturdy walls, floor-mounted toilets and bidets do not require thicknesses or particular types of reinforcements.

Lower cost of toilet and bidet: cheap flush-to-wall sanitary ware

Back to wall sanitary offerBack to wall sanitary ware, floor sanitary lines

By requiring simple masonry interventions, installing a sanitary fixture on the ground has lower costs .

Furthermore, in principle, the price of a floor-standing toilet, with the same quality, is usually lower than that of a wall-hung toilet.

It is true, however, that if you choose models with a particularly refined design, the cost of a floor-mounted sanitary ware can still be very high.

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