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Choose the bathroom fixtures

Choosing bathroom fixtures requires the utmost attention: even the smallest detail must in fact be evaluated and analyzed with great care, from design to size and color.

So here is a short and quick guide to choose the toilet and bidet that best suit your needs.

First of all, it is necessary to consider the spaces available and adjust accordingly to format and measures.

The style must reflect that of the whole bathroom furniture in order to maintain the same common thread with the whole environment.

Having said that, let's consider the main features of bathroom fixtures.

Ground or suspended WCs and bidets


One of the most important choices concerns the type of sanitary: toilet and bidet on the ground or suspended ? Let's evaluate all the benefits together.

Floor- standing sanitary ware , in principle, have a lower cost than suspended ones, offer a greater sense of stability and are more practical to install.

On the other hand, the suspended sanitary ware often presents more refined and original designs; moreover, not resting directly on the floor, they greatly facilitate cleaning operations.

They are highly recommended in case the bathroom floor tiles are very delicate (such as wooden floors or parquet).

Monobloc sanitary ware

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Monobloc sanitary fixtures have a more complex structure which, however, can prove to be very useful in case there are problems and difficulties with the toilet drain.

Thanks to this type of sanitary it is in fact possible to install the vessel without going to modify and work on existing systems.

A monobloc toilet has the drain cistern in sight, usually resting on the rear side, which therefore does not need to be recessed into the wall.

Toilet without rim

bathroom sanitary cost Another important feature of the sanitary ware, (which you can also find in the models in our online catalog), concerns the rimless toilet .

Do you know what it is? In recent years, a new type of sanitary ware has been developed that does not include the presence of the internal edge .

In this way, cleaning operations are facilitated and simplified because dirt no longer settles on the internal and hidden edge of the toilet.

In addition, the waste water flow is able to reach every part of the sanitary ware leaving it clean.

Classic or modern design

modern bathroom fixtures

Classic sanitary ware or modern toilet and bidet?

We offer you a wide range of floor-mounted and suspended sanitary ware with a modern design as well as various classic sanitary solutions of a more traditional mold, such as the Impero series by Olympia Ceramica .

In the catalog you can find modern toilets and bidets with refined lines and simpler models suitable for minimalist style bathrooms.

In addition, for those with a narrow bathroom with little space available, we offer small sanitary ware , perfect to be placed in any context.

All our products are 100% Made in Italy , made with quality ceramic, designed and manufactured by Olympia Ceramica to last over time without altering.

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