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Wood is a material that lends itself to customization, it can be made to measure and can take on desired shapes and sizes suitable for the spaces of your bathroom. It is good to dispel the myth of wood as an unsuitable material in a humid environment such as that of the bathroom. In fact, the treatments to which this versatile material can be subjected make wooden bathroom furniture the ideal furnishing choice. The variety of woods, colors and textures make wooden bathroom furniture a timeless must, just think of the comfort of a wooden vanity top or a space-saving cabinet in the nuances most suited to your choice of furniture.

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Why buy a wooden bathroom cabinet?

wooden bathroom cabinet Do you want to give a touch of modernity to your bathroom furniture without giving up the classic taste and tradition of a beautiful wooden bathroom cabinet? IDEEARREDO.com offers a wide range of wooden bathroom furniture with modern lines and an innovative processing of the raw material to convey an element of classicism and elegance, refinement, color and shine even in the modern style.

Wood is a multifaceted, eclectic, versatile material, it allows a wide variety of essences and a wooden bathroom cabinet can be finished with any style: rustic, elegant, sophisticated, modern, classic, minimal or industrial. The wooden bathroom furniture can satisfy any taste, style and design need.

Wood transmits well-being, warmth and serenity and the bathroom is the home environment par excellence in which to experience moments of well-being and relaxation, so what better material than wood to furnish the bathroom? The wooden bathroom furniture is the right solution for you!

Among the advantages for which to choose to buy a wooden bathroom cabinet, one cannot forget the value of some essences: walnut, oak or solid wood. Finally, wood improves “as we age” because it takes on that lived-in, warm, familiar and mature look that makes your bathroom furniture always seem different, so wooden bathroom shelves acquire personality and never go out of style.

Modern wooden bathroom cabinet, many proposals for a modern bathroom

wooden bathroom furniture Using wood for bathroom furniture makes every room elegant and refined, especially if you opt for a modern bathroom with wooden furniture , with rigorous but elegant lines and easy to combine with the ceramic of the sanitary ware, the coverings and the flooring.

Wood is a living material capable of making each piece of furniture a precious and unique piece. To design and furnish a wooden bathroom cabinet with a modern style, just consider a few aspects:

  • the spaces available;

  • the chromatic effect (whether to opt for light or dark wood);

  • finishes and workmanship;

  • combinations with other furnishing components;

  • the accessories .

If you consider the hypothesis of combining a parquet or laminate floor and wooden walls with the wooden furniture in the bathroom, it is good to consider the dimensions of the bathroom: the ll-wood combination is recommended for large bathrooms to avoid to weigh down and exaggerate in design.

wooden bathroom A modern bathroom furnished with wooden furniture requires careful attention in the choice of materials, finishes and accessories so that the environment remains functional, but at the same time elegant and welcoming, practical to clean without sacrificing style. Lacquered wood furniture can be preferred to natural wood bathroom furniture to have greater freedom of choice in colors and chromatic combinations, especially if you also choose design accessories such as black profiles for the shower box, thus opting for furniture in suspended wood with anthracite nuances. The versatility of wood finds no limits to the imagination with infinite customization possibilities.

With the wooden bathroom furniture you can play with the contrasts of color and materials: a modern bathroom in which the choice turns to white materials (ceramic or innovative composite materials), opaque or glossy, allows a combination with bathroom furniture in light wood for a refined effect and a Scandinavian flavor.

Better a dark wood bathroom cabinet or a light wood bathroom cabinet?

wooden bathroom furniture Regardless of furnishing the bathroom with wooden furniture or only with accessories , this material gives the bathroom a modern and welcoming effect at the same time, refined and warm.

The chromatic choice is only dictated by one's own taste, although the type of wood chosen and the colors must never be underestimated: for the small or medium-sized bathroom we recommend light wooden bathroom furniture to give greater brightness, a feeling of space, order and cleanliness, while for larger bathrooms you have more freedom to choose bathroom furniture in dark wood .

If you want to abandon total white or tradition in favor of a style for a contemporary bathroom, you can opt for shades of light gray or color, the important thing is that you choose rigorous lines and continuous surfaces.

For a vintage-style furniture, it is preferable to combine matte finishes with wooden furnishings . Finally, a lot also depends on the choice of suspended bathroom furniture or bathroom furniture on the ground. The suspended cabinets or wooden suspended under-washbasins provide modularity and freedom of design, lighten the feeling of clutter especially in small spaces that need light , facilitate cleaning by eliminating obstacles, are more practical and lend themselves to both modern and to the classic one. Non-suspended wooden bathroom furniture , on the other hand, provides greater capacity, is modular and gives a more "complete" appearance to the room.

With wooden bathroom furniture it is easy to create pleasant color contrasts by combining light wood furniture with darker shades and vice versa.

Wooden bathroom cabinet price online on IDEEARREDO.com

wood-colored bathroom furniturenatural wood bathroom cabinet The prices for a wooden bathroom cabinet fluctuate according to numerous variables: the quality and essence of the wood, the processing, any customizations, the dimensions. IDEEARREDO.com offers a wide choice of wooden bathroom furniture of different designs to make the best choice. You can order them online and the shipping is safe. Prices range from € 500 to € 3,500 , but always check the site for seasonal offers and unmissable promotions.