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Contrary to what one might think, designing and furnishing a bathroom using the color white in all its facets from furniture to bathroom fixtures, from taps to coverings is a choice of style, but rigorous and with little room for "maneuver". Choosing white bathroom furniture means trying to stand out and get out of banality by looking for different lines, styles and types, as well as defining whether to choose glossy white bathroom furniture or matt white bathroom furniture, suspended white furniture for a modern style or white bathroom furniture on the ground.

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Why choose white bathroom furniture

white bathroom furniture White bathroom furniture definitely has advantages. The color itself conveys an idea of light and brightness , cleanliness and order . A white bathroom furniture is synonymous with harmony, elegance, simplicity and essentiality; if a different style is also combined with this, the choice of white is also highly sought after.

The choice of white bathroom furniture is recommended, above all, to give light to limited spaces and to create an illusion of space. The total white favors the dynamism of the environment, being able to opt for vertical or mosaic tiles, or herringbone to create a vintage effect. There is also greater freedom of choice on sanitary ware: flush with the wall or suspended, the important thing is to convey dynamism and movement to the bathroom by choosing sinuous, refined lines to alternate with elegant and rigorous ones to create full and empty effects. White also goes well with any type of material: metal, ceramic, glass, wood. In summary, it can be said that bathroom furniture with white furniture has all the following advantages:

  • Greater lighting: with a few light points it is possible to create a feeling of space, comfort, relaxation and hygiene;

  • Unique style, a classic that never tires and at the same time lends itself to being radically renewed at any time;

  • Monochromaticity simplifies bathroom design, but requires strict choices;

  • It adapts to all materials: marble, glass, wood, stoneware, ceramic, metal. The white bathroom furniture matches any decorative detail, from the chrome or black profiles of the shower enclosures to the golden knobs, the taps, the coverings, the mirrors;

  • It lends itself to customization: if over time the monochromaticity of a white bathroom cabinet tires, just add a "splash of color" (for example, appliques of different colors or plants and vases hanging from the ceiling).

Types of white bathroom furniture

white bathroom cabinet The choice of furniture of white bathroom furniture does not mean giving up following the trends in interior design : decorations and accessories give that touch that makes the difference. The important thing is to choose the style. The glossy white bathroom furniture , for example, is suitable for the minimalist style, with essential, simple, formal and elegant lines combined with their functionality. The stylistic marriage is perfect with niche or square-shaped boxes and square wall units where you can safely store personal care and hygiene products.

Inspired by the whiteness of the snow is the Scandinavian style , where white bathroom furniture is dominant and stylistic solutions such as storage units under the sink or wall units with external mirrored glass combine functionality with space saving and amplify brightness. and the reflections of light.

Country lovers in the home can adopt country solutions with white shell washbasins that rest on white wooden bathroom furniture and white flush-to-wall sanitary ware.

The Moroccan style facilitates the choice of white bathroom furniture with North African effusions and a touch of color to combine with nineteenth-century or retro-30s floor sanitary ware with black and white geometric texture coverings that recall the luxurious homes of Morocco .

Very in vogue is the shabby chic style which, with its antiqued effect, orients towards the type of poor art bathroom furniture in white . The bathroom is very suitable for this style where it is possible to mix sanitary ware with modern lines with opaque white colors and furniture with a worn look by the familiar warmth.

Decorating the bathroom with jungle- style vases and plants breaks the rigor of white and embellishes the environment especially when you choose climbing plants or plants with showy inflorescences.

Decorating ideas with white bathroom furniture

glossy white bathroom cabinet The "trick" to tastefully furnish a bathroom with white furniture consists in the combinations with the other furnishing components: a slim stone-effect shower tray helps to break up the monochromaticity by enhancing it, the shower box with opalescent or transparent crystals help to create discontinuity while maintaining elegance and scenic impact. Depending on the space available, a space-saving white bathroom cabinet is the ideal solution to make the most of the space, opting for asymmetrical lines, dynamic solutions or resorting to the type of furniture with removable pouf to be used when needed. The led lights combined with a backlit mirror is very fashionable and at the same time discreet and functional.

White bathroom cabinet price

glossy white bathroom furniture White bathroom furniture is the most popular and in demand and for this reason the price variety is just as vast as the variety of styles and types to which they match. Much depends on the material, on the treatment (lacquered, glossy, matt), on the style, on the brand, on the workmanship, on the dimensions.

On IDEEARREDO.com it starts from a minimum of € 730 to reach € 2300, but do not forget that there are periodically offers and promotions with which to do real bargains, buying prestigious pieces at a reasonable price. IDEEARREDO.com guarantees the quality of its suppliers, the best Italian design brands such as BMT Bagni and Olympia.

White bathroom cabinet measures

classic white bathroom cabinet Each piece of furniture can be made to measure according to the space available. However, it is possible to purchase wall units and cabinets made in standard sizes that usually fit any space. For the dimensions of the standard washbasins from 70 cm to 90 cm, white bathroom furniture on the ground or suspended with dimensions between 100 cm and 120 cm are made. Check out this Moon White 120cm suspended bathroom cabinet , a popular size for a master bathroom. However, on IDEEARREDO.com you can find both smaller white bathroom cabinets (like this 80 cm white bathroom cabinet ), and larger and more important ones.

How to buy white bathroom furniture online at IDEEARREDO.com

white lacquered bathroom cabinet Buying white bathroom furniture online at IDEEARREDO.com is easy and safe. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. Payments accepted are by credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal or bank transfer to always meet the customer's needs. Purchase orders can be made directly online on the site with or without registration, by entering all the necessary contact details. After placing your order, you must wait for the payment receipt times before shipping. If the product is ready in the warehouse for delivery, the customer will only have to wait for the shipping times; should the product be put into production, the customer will be notified of the time required before delivery.

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