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A suspended bathroom cabinet is the ideal solution for those who want to combine space and design. Beautiful to look at and modern in shape, these pieces of furniture are not placed on the ground and thus save space. In this way, the environment in which they are placed seems larger, but also more sophisticated and trendy.

Suspended bathroom furniture is trendy and is increasingly chosen by those who decide to furnish a modern home . Ideal for small bathrooms , they are also perfect for much larger solutions that deserve to be enriched with impactful furniture.

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Why choose a suspended bathroom cabinet

suspended bathroom cabinet Choosing a suspended bathroom cabinet means betting everything on a space-saving idea that is beautiful and practical at the same time. Perfect in a modern bathroom , but also in a small bathroom this type of furniture is one of a kind.

In our bathroom furniture catalog we have included various solutions for those looking for a suspended piece of furniture to put under the sink in their bathroom. There are different types, different colors and they all share the same characteristic: practicality.

It is, in fact, practical and space-saving bathroom furniture, which allows you to give air to the room. When you don't have a lot of space at your disposal, one of the main difficulties you face is cleaning the floors. With furniture that rests on the ground, the operation becomes much more difficult. These are often bulky and take up space. This suspended type, on the other hand, does not take up much space and enriches the room with a touch of glamor that never hurts. And it is precisely this detail that makes suspended bathroom furniture popular even in the largest and most ultra-modern bathrooms.

The types of suspended bathroom furniture

suspended bathroom cabinet offersuspended bathroom furniture The bathroom furniture , as well as that of all the rooms in the house, must be faithful to your tastes. Furnishing every room must be a pleasure and the result must speak of those who live in the house.

There are different needs and different tastes. Everyone likes something special and it is precisely for this reason that there are different types of suspended bathroom furniture . Looking at our catalog, you realize you are spoiled for choice.

There are models of curved suspended bathroom furniture , models with doors and models with drawers , but also combined models . The materials of the suspended bathroom furniture vary, as do the colors and finishes.

You can find solutions in light wood , very elegant, but also lacquered and colored suspended bathroom furniture and definitely more trendy.

You can choose models with more or less drawers, with a cabinet with built-in vertical door if you have space. There are many types of bathroom and just as many are the furniture that you can choose. Having a vast catalog at your disposal allows you to select the one you like best, convinces and best matches your space needs and tastes.

We remind you that on Idee Arredo there are only solutions from the best brands, for all budgets and made with quality materials. Selected products and guaranteed yield.

Suspended bathroom cabinet: prices

suspended bathroom furniture 100 cm What are the prices of a suspended bathroom cabinet ? The right answer, as always, is that it depends. There are several models of different brands available, always chosen among the best in the industry.

The prices of this type of bathroom furniture, therefore, vary according to the brand, type, material and customization that you choose. Of course, when you choose a customized suspended bathroom cabinet , in shape, finish, color, you pay a higher price because you have a unique product designed according to your tastes and needs.

For this reason it is important to be able to choose the perfect one for your bathroom from many different pieces of furniture.

The price range is variable. They range from around 450 euros for the Galaxy BMT suspended bathroom cabinet , a practical low-cost space-saving idea that is basic and elegant even at an affordable price, to 2,280 euros for the currently most expensive solution in the catalog. This is the Blues 2.0 BMT model. A decidedly cool bathroom cabinet, with its offset shape . Available with white lacquered finish, customizable with or without shelf. A real treat for those who love comfort but without giving up a beautiful design that embellishes any room, even a bathroom.

How to buy suspended bathroom cabinets online

modern suspended bathroom furniture Our site offers you a wide selection of bathroom furniture. We have selected only the best brands among those existing on the market. There are the most beautiful and popular models of a famous brand like BMT .

Buying wall-hung bathroom cabinets online is simple. Just view our extensive catalog and choose the models of your interest. After doing so you can make a comparison between models, choosing the one closest to your budget and in line with your needs. After the choice, a few clicks will be enough to receive the selected piece of furniture directly at home, as configured during the sale phase.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to have quality furniture at more competitive prices than those of physical stores, for those who want to have the maximum possible choice and for those who want to do everything in a few steps, directly online.

The goods will be shipped directly to the address indicated at the time the order is placed, so that the furniture can be assembled immediately. That extra touch that will give your bathroom that look you dream of so much.