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The double sink bathroom furniture represents an ideal furnishing proposal for those who want to maintain their independence , even when washing, without unfortunately having separate bathrooms. In this way everyone can keep their own sink , their own spaces for towels and soap or to place everything they use every day.

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Why buy double sink bathroom furniture

double sink bathroom furniture The design of a sink area in bathrooms with two sinks is a very interesting theme. In fact, more and more often functional furnishing solutions are sought to allow those who have only one bathroom in the house to look for a solution that combines both aesthetics and comfort, especially if the room is small.

As for bathroom furniture with double sinks , therefore, buying it could be a good idea for a couple who works and who has to go out at the same time in the morning or it could be the idea for a bathroom in the room of two brothers.

In any case, one imagines the everyday life of a couple living in an apartment with only one bathroom and needs to experiment with a solution that allows them to use it comfortably in two at the same time: this is why buying a double sink bathroom cabinet is a winning idea in these cases.

What are the types of double sink bathroom cabinet?

In the double sink bathroom furniture, two types of products can be distinguished:

  1. double sink bathroom cabinet the single double sink bathroom cabinet: in the first case we can have a single piece of furniture with two countertop sinks, the so-called “bowls”, which can be the same, but also different in terms of size.

    double sink bathroom cabinet The version with a single piece of furniture also includes the models with two washbasins built into the support surface; in this case the sinks are not visible and can have various shapes: oval, rectangular or round.

    double sink bathroom furniture Finally, a single double piece of furniture can consist of a single large sink but with two separate mixers , in fact for two single users.

  2. double sink bathroom two bathroom furniture placed side by side: this category includes those furnishings that include two single pieces of furniture placed side by side . These can have the same measurements or be one larger and one smaller. For example, you can imagine creating a division for the women's area from the men's area and you can opt for the version with a single mirror or the two single mirrors .

Sizes of bathroom furniture with double sink

Generally, bathroom furniture with double sinks are the type of furniture with the largest measures. In fact, the average size of a 2 washbasin bathroom cabinet reaches 120 cm, but there are also even larger models, such as the 160 cm double washbasin cabinet . Among the most requested options is the 120 cm double sink bathroom cabinet measuring 60 cm in the center and 30 cm at the edges with an average depth of 50 cm.

The double sink suspended bathroom cabinet or the floor-standing double sink cabinet: let's analyze the pros and cons

If you have chosen to buy a suspended bathroom cabinet with double sink, you have certainly evaluated all the advantages that this offers, namely: it is a linear and very light solution and is suitable for those who do not like particular dimensions; moreover, in this way it is much easier to clean the floor and if the bathroom is not too big it avoids weighing down the furniture of the environment.

But have you also evaluated the cons of this type of double bathroom sink ? In fact, when you decide to install a double washbasin in a suspended bathroom, you must remember that the weight is supported by the wall and that the tiles must be drilled; moreover, compared to a double sink bathroom, the storage space is less.

bathrooms with two sinks Consequently, a floor- standing double washbasin cabinet will not cause weight problems and, in height, it exploits more storage space. On the other hand, cleaning is less easy and the footprint is greater!

Modern double sink bathroom furniture

The double sink bathroom is a latest trend in modern bathroom furniture with its stations that fit on a double base, as we have seen, or single.

The models are varied and customizable as you can see from our BMT Bagni proposals that offer various models in as many different finishes of modern double sink bathroom furniture.

Double sink bathroom furniture offers and prices on

Double bathroom furniture is in great demand especially in large bathrooms where space allows you to play with shapes and sizes and for this reason the variety of costs is very wide as well as the types and models to which they refer. Of course, based on the material and treatment, style or size, the cost changes even if on the site you can take advantage of various promotions and offers for double bathroom furniture and find many cheap but always good double sink bathroom furniture. excellent quality and the best brands.