Curved vanity unit

Curved vanity unit create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, but also allow you to make better use of the space inside your bathroom. Come and discover the curved bathroom cabinet in a modern and classic style and safely buy your curved bathroom furniture suspended or on the ground. The curved vanity unit for sale on are by BMT, an Italian manufacturer, a guarantee of quality and design. Here you will find curved bathroom furniture at already discounted prices and the possibily of custumization!

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Why choose curved vanity unit?

curved bathroom furniture The curved bathroom furniture helps to create a cozy and safe bathroom.

The rounded shapes and soft and fluid curves of the bathroom furniture create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity. The eye does not "stumble" at the edges that in this case are not there. And it's not just a metaphor: the absence of corners avoids bumping into it accidentally and the danger of getting hurt, an aspect to be taken into account in the case of small children or elderly people.

Curved bathroom furniture makes better use of space

The rational use of space is one of the main requirements for bathroom furniture and accessories to furnish the bathroom in an intelligent way. In fact, the rounded and therefore narrower parts of the rounded bathroom furniture are very useful in the “at risk” areas of the bathroom, for example near the door opening or next to the sanitary fixtures or shower cubicles.

Which sink goes best with curved bathroom furniture?

rounded bathroom furniture One of the most used washbasin models with rounded bathroom furniture is the oval one, very often in the version of a console sink. Console sinks are ergonomic, practical and beautiful.

For a console sink to be comfortable to use, the curved bathroom furniture must be at least 100 cm in length. In fact, on IDEEARREDO you will find curved bathroom furniture of 90, 100, 120 and 140 cm.

Another suggestion concerns the choice of bathroom fixtures. That is to say, by choosing a curved bathroom cabinet, combine it with rounded sanitary ware with soft and fluid shapes , or vice versa.

The rounded shape of the rounded bathroom furniture can be repeated in other elements of the bathroom furniture, for example in the round or oval mirror.

Curved bathroom cabinet types

A rounded bathroom cabinet can be either free-standing or suspended. As a rule, modern curved furniture is hung on the wall. A curved suspended bathroom cabinet ensures ease of cleaning, but you need to make sure you have a reinforced wall that can support the weight of the cabinet.

A curved bathroom cabinet on the ground can be combined with any type of wall and is usually typical for the classic and retro style, a lover of soft and curved lines. Take a look at this vintage style Empire curved bathroom cabinet 60 cm !

Curved bathroom vanity unit price

rounded bathroom cabinet The price of curved bathroom furniture, as for bathroom furniture in general, depends on parameters such as:

  • producer. The price of the best bathroom furniture brands, of course, will be slightly higher than that of unknown suppliers. offers you the curved bathroom furniture from the Moon collection by BMT, a renowned Italian manufacturer, a guarantee of quality and attention to detail. Here you will find your bathroom cabinet rounded to the right or left of the BMT at already discounted prices! Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized quotes!
  • Material. All round bathroom furniture from BMT are manufactured with high quality materials, guaranteed to be used in a bathroom environment. The rounded drawer fronts are made of 18 mm thick plywood.

Curved bathroom furniture: watch out for colors!

When choosing your curved bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the colors. Color plays an important role in the bathroom and can be classic (such as white and generally various light shades) or bright and uplifting ( such as a curved red bathroom cabinet ).