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Cloakroom vanity units

The bathroom cabinet is undoubtedly one of the most suitable solutions when you need to furnish a small bathroom. In fact, many times, being able to make room and combine various furnishing accessories without weighing too much on an already particularly limited environment, could be more complicated than expected. In these cases, a 60 cm bathroom cabinet, a 70 cm suspended bathroom cabinet or made-to-measure bathroom furniture solutions with a depth of 40 could solve the problem. In order to avoid risky choices or choices that are not in keeping with the real needs of use, we recommend that you always choose the type and structure of the cabinet you are going to buy with extreme care, carefully evaluating the dimensions and looking for the right compromise between functionality and aesthetics. In this section of our online catalog we have selected for you a wide range of bathroom cabinets of all kinds, suitable both for small bathrooms but also for more spacious bathrooms with a minimalist character. Browse the product sheets now and look for the solution that best suits your bathroom: all our bathroom cabinets are on promotion at discounted prices!

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Cloakroom vanity units

design bathroom cabinet - small bathroom cabinetbathroom sink cabinets - space-saving bathroom furniture The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where order, cleanliness and functionality undoubtedly come first. But in this chapter of our website we want to focus in particular on furniture, focusing our attention on bathroom cabinets , which is the best alternative in the case of a bathroom that is not particularly large and with a few square meters available.

However, we would like to underline that a bathroom cabinet is not necessarily the prerogative of a small bathroom, on the contrary the latest furnishing trends show us how the minimal and essential style has become a must in design furniture, so much so that a bathroom cabinet minimalist with simple lines and small dimensions, it is often chosen for a large bathroom. This then obviously will depend a lot on personal tastes.

The important thing, in any case, is to always evaluate in advance the type of structure of the bathroom cabinet, the type of sink you want to insert and the possible possibility of adding mirrors, wall units or shelves (very useful to save space).

IMPORTANT : to avoid being faced with unpleasant surprises at the time of installation, it is advisable to design the furniture in a meticulous way before making the purchase, meter in hand and, if possible, also under the advice of an expert in the sector.

Bathroom cabinets: types

wooden bathroom cabinets - bathroom sink cabinetbathroom sink cabinets - bathroom sink with cabinet You must know that depending on the size, the use you will make of it and the style you want to give it, the most suitable cabinet for your bathroom will never be the same as that of your neighbor.

In fact, there are different types of bathroom cabinet designed for every need : you can buy a bathroom cabinet on the ground, for example, (with a strong and decisive character), a bathroom vanity unit separated from the sink itself (to give a less heavy effect to the furniture) , a low bathroom cabinet or a narrow bathroom cabinet (both ideal in particularly small bathrooms) or you can choose from the infinite proposals of suspended bathroom cabinets (with an original design, able to guarantee a more accurate and simplified daily cleaning) or even more solutions practical as a bathroom cabinet with wheels to be moved when needed ... in short, the choice is really wide, especially if you then think about the sizes and finishes to match!

Follow our guide to clarify your ideas a bit!

Finishes and dimensions: customize your bathroom sink cabinet

white bathroom cabinet - vanity unit for bathroombathroom mirror cabinets - bathroom cabinet with drawers And why not play with several small elements, which overlap or which are fixed to the wall by moving them to create an original effect, very useful at the same time? The insertion of shelves, mirrors with storage and wall units (but also cabinets with wheels for the bathroom) is in fact recommended in case there is a particular need for space. With these elements, rearranging and storing items will become easier.

There is also a wide choice of finishes and colors : for all design lovers looking for an original bathroom furniture, there are so many alternatives.

Timeless, the wood-colored bathroom cabinet, for example, that warms every room: if you love this warm style, you could opt for a wenge bathroom cabinet, an oak bathroom cabinet or walnut bathroom cabinet.
Choose a blue bathroom cabinet, a brown bathroom cabinet or a black bathroom cabinet if you love strong and decisive characters (even if too dark colors are not recommended for a small bathroom!). To give more brightness to the environment instead we propose a glossy or matt lacquered white bathroom cabinet or maybe a gray bathroom cabinet; for a sophisticated and more particular design we suggest a green bathroom cabinet or a blue bathroom cabinet (the available nuances are so many: there will also be your favorite!).

Also look for the most suitable dimensions for your space: an excellent solution that combines practicality and comfort could be, for example, a bathroom cabinet 60 x 40 cm, to be customized perhaps with shelves and wall units.

Why is a bathroom cabinet so practical?

wooden bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanity unitbathroom cabinet measures, low cabinet for bathroom One of the main peculiarities that characterizes a bathroom cabinet is its structure: compact but very capacious at the same time. In addition to being beautiful to look at, the bathroom cabinet must also, and above all, be functional. Fortunately today, the aesthetic component is compatible with practicality!

It is a fact that designing a small bathroom requires skill and ingenuity. The main companies in the sector have been able to cope with all the various needs (even the most particular!) By designing modern and classic small bathroom cabinets, and space-saving compositions, able to fit into any context: with the right cabinet, even a small bathroom it can reveal all its potential, whatever its size.

So the question why a bathroom cabinet is particularly practical can be answered as follows :

- because it saves space in the room while maintaining an excellent organization of the same through the insertion of drawers and shelves;
- because it is quick and easy to install;
- because thanks to refined design and finishes it is able to enhance the bathroom with extreme elegance.

At what height to install a hanging bathroom cabinet?

wooden bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanity unitbathroom cabinet measures, low cabinet for bathroom Tips and suggestions for a bathroom cabinet to hang.
If you prefer a suspended bathroom cabinet compared to a free-standing bathroom cabinet, it is important that you know some fundamental details regarding its installation. We have already repeated many times that when it is time to design the bathroom, nothing should be left to chance ... and certainly not even the height of the furniture!

Are you thinking of buying a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet or a hanging bathroom cabinet? No problem, we'll tell you how to install it without errors .

In principle, we can say that a bathroom furniture, except for particular limitations in terms of space, must be installed at about 80 - 85 cm from the ground up to the sink. It is clear that, if we have chosen a countertop washbasin which therefore increases the overall height of the cabinet itself (perhaps compared to a structure with built-in washbasin), the cabinet will have to be lowered slightly to ensure the usual height from the ground of 80. / 85 cm.

PLEASE NOTE : If you are particularly tall, you can still opt for a height of 90 cm from the ground; otherwise you can also lower yourself up to an assembly at 80 cm from the ground.

And what about the wall units and shelves? In this case the first thing we want to tell you is that, of course, these will have to be installed so that they can be reached quickly and easily. The height we recommend is the one indicatively corresponding to yours.

Furthermore, remember that it is always advisable to carefully evaluate the various furnishing accessories to be inserted, avoiding choosing accessories that are useless and that can clutter the room, making it uncomfortable and disorganized.

Bathroom furniture online - Prices for bathroom cabinets

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bathroom cabinet prices, cheap bathroom cabinetscheap bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinet offer And what about the prices? As with all furniture categories, costs may vary according to the product you will choose. The price will be determined by the stylistic and technical needs, by the quality we are looking for and above all by the available budget.

You can find different solutions for a small bathroom cabinet for a few hundred euros, up to more elaborate solutions perhaps equipped with mirrors, cabinets or shelves starting from 500 euros up to solutions from 600 euros or 700 euros, reaching 1000 euros. euro and beyond.

REMEMBER : saving does not always mean having a poor quality product!

Are you also looking for cheap bathroom cabinets? On our e-commerce you will find products of excellent quality, 100% Made in Italy : contact us for more information and to request personalized quotes for a complete bathroom cabinet and wooden bathroom cabinets.

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