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bathroom furnishingsbathroom furniture In recent years, bathroom furniture has acquired an increasingly important weight in the world of furniture. Years ago the consideration of bathroom furniture was very different. This space was conceived solely and exclusively as a toilet and toilet.

Today the bathroom is fully part of the world of design furniture .

Choosing bathroom furniture has thus taken on the same value as choosing a kitchen or a bedroom: if it is true that functionality and practicality are fundamental, it is equally true that the eye also wants its part.

But let's proceed in order and let's define the main characteristics of a bathroom furniture. We can distinguish two basic categories: classic bathroom furniture and modern bathroom furniture , each with its different shades.

Classic bathroom furniture

classic bathroom furniture Let's start with classic bathroom furniture. In this case, we can say that traditional design never goes out of fashion! The classic or retro style, in fact, still finds a wide place in today's bathroom furnishings both in Italy and in many foreign countries.

A classic bathroom cabinet is usually characterized by sinuous, soft and richly decorated features.

Available in the free -standing or suspended version , a bathroom furnished in a classic style gives the whole environment a unique refinement and elegance of the past.

The bathroom collections on the market today reinterpret the classic style in a modern and contemporary way for a truly surprising aesthetic and design result.

In this type of bathroom furniture, wood and rich furnishing accessories play an important role.

The vintage style is also very fashionable: retro style bathroom furniture that recall the typical design of the 50s.

Modern bathroom furniture

bathroom furniturebathroom furniture Even the modern bathroom furniture has many facets.

Characterized by geometric shapes and of great impact, the modern bathroom furnishings represent a strong and decisive style as well as great functionality .

Spacious drawers with blumotion slow closing, wall units of all shapes and sizes, space-saving accessories, modular complements of every finish and color: composing your own bathroom furniture is really child's play.

Even the modern bathroom furniture is available in the ground or suspended version.

In fact, modern bathroom furniture offers the maximum possibility of customization .

The minimal bathroom furnishings are also very fashionable, characterized by a simple and delicate design where all the superfluous is eliminated: the lines are clean, the bathroom accessories are reduced to a minimum.

Furnishing accessories for the bathroom

6 bathroom furniture online For a good result, once you have chosen the bathroom furniture, you can customize it with furnishing accessories and design objects to make it even more functional, such as storage mirrors and practical shelves to hang on the wall.

Before proceeding with the choice of bathroom furniture, it is however important to consider the function of a particular bathroom : it is clear that a guest bathroom or a service bathroom will require fewer measures than a master bathroom furniture.

Bathroom furniture online

Although it may seem complicated, buying bathroom furniture online is a particularly simple operation.

Thanks to specialized e-commerce that make use of an efficient and valid shipping system, today it is possible to choose a bathroom furniture on the web and receive it comfortably at home. for example gives you the opportunity to purchase your bathroom furniture at 360 °: not only furniture (including custom-made bathroom furniture), but also ceramic sanitary ware , bathroom taps , shower trays and shower cubicles.

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