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For those people who are looking for wall-mounted bathroom accessories that can combine elegance and practicality, refined style and functionality, it is possible to provide some useful suggestions to be able to meet the most varied needs. Soap dishes, hangers, shelves, but also towel racks and bathroom object holders , are all useful accessories that guarantee your bathroom a combination of high aesthetics and sobriety.

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Wall-mounted bathroom accessories, a thoughtful choice

wall bathroom accessories Those who decide to buy wall-mounted bathroom accessories generally want to reduce the clutter in the bathroom , using elements that can be mounted on the wall or fixed to glue, increasing their functional or multifunctional use and practicality. This is especially to the advantage of those families who live in small houses or in which there are small bathrooms .

The choice of sobriety and functionality of the suspended accessories , however, does not mean giving up a certain elegance, refinement of tastes and liveliness of design. And this for every kind of style of the bathroom, from the most modern to the most vintage or classic. Indeed, the thoughtful choice of these accessories often makes it possible to provide a personal touch, which enriches the lines of a toilet , bathroom fixtures and walls.

Consequently, choosing wall-mounted bathroom accessories highlights the advantage of taking up less space, favoring intelligent solutions for arranging towels , soaps, toilet paper rolls and various useful objects in the bathroom , while limiting the present clutter. All using high quality materials, even without drilling holes in the walls and at the same time satisfying the needs of adults and children in their moments of relaxation in the bathroom.

A wide range of suspended bathroom accessories

suspended bathroom accessories Once this choice has been made, there is a myriad of suspended bathroom accessories to choose from: from those for more modern and sophisticated bathrooms, in which the extreme but functional design is enhanced, to those particularly suitable for more retro environments and which have more shapes. soft and classic. Accompanied by versatile materials and finishes and with cutting-edge solutions for every kind of home and bathroom.

Materials and finishes of bathroom wall accessories

wall bathroom accessories There are, for example, towel rails or shelves also equipped with towel holders with an unmistakable classic style, with lighter or darker finishes (from chrome or gold to copper or bronze), which provide a truly pleasant line to the bathroom, providing it of that beautiful vintage style but not pompous or excessively chic, also thanks to the refined use of materials such as brass and glass.

If, on the other hand, you want to equip your toilet with wall bathroom accessories with stylistically more recent lines and with more lively finishes, here are, for example, toilet paper holders or towel holders with a square design and in polished chrome or stainless steel , which enhance the ambient light and present themselves as objects of refined design, but always functional to the tastes or needs of the family.

The importance of the quality of the materials and finishes of the various wall-mounted bathroom accessories is fundamental. In fact, they must guarantee solidity, durability but also finesse and elegance, in all kinds of conditions and use. And these characteristics are present in all the Made in Italy products we have mentioned.

Dimensions of the bathroom wall accessories set

wall bathroom accessories Shelves and towel rails tend to highlight larger dimensions, with a length of 60 centimeters and a height of only 9 cm, with wall mounting and finishes ranging from copper or bronze to stainless steel or polished chrome. In the case of the shelf there is a superb combination of brass and glass , in which the solidity of the first and the slight transparency of the second are enhanced.

Instead, hangers and robe hooks occupy a completely different space, with a height and width of about 5-6 centimeters each. In addition, to avoid holes in the walls, some bathroom accessories on the wall can be fixed by glue, including for example the toothbrush holder, the robe hook or the toilet paper roll holder. The materials used in this case are refined ceramic and brass, with finishes ranging from bronze to chrome.

Wall bathroom accessories, what are the possible costs

wall bathroom accessories set For those looking to find products and solutions for their bathroom that are excellent, durable, with a refined taste but not excessively expensive, there is a wide choice of wall-mounted bathroom accessories , in which the quality of Made in Italy is also ensured. . The variety of prices of these elements, of course, differs according to several factors: from the type of construction material to the kind of finishes chosen and the size of the object.