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For those who want to change some elements of their bathroom and are therefore looking for classic and vintage bathroom accessories, which are elegant but also functional, there are many products available and for every need. From robe hooks and hangers to toilet brush holders, without forgetting soap dispensers and toothbrush holders in one of the retro finishes, such as antique bronze or chrome and gold. A wide range of useful and elegant accessories, to be included in a bathroom with classic lines.

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Why choose classic bathroom accessories

classic bathroom accessories Nowadays, there is a considerable variety of useful accessories for the bathroom, to keep it tidy, clean and functional to the different activities that we carry out there or to the moments of relaxation that we spend daily. And if we are looking for classic bathroom accessories , there are several products that adapt perfectly to the retro design of this environment.

Useful elements, among the many available, that keep it tidy and clean can be the bathroom dustbin , the toothbrush holder combined with the soap dish, the toilet brush holder, the towel holder , but also a simple shelf. Excellent accessories with a vintage flavor that not only help in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, especially in the presence of a large family, but which are important pieces of furniture that embellish the bathroom in a classic style .

In fact, thanks to particular lines, a refined design and materials of excellent workmanship, classic bathroom accessories have become not only functional, but also aesthetic tools to furnish and personalize an environment with a touch of class, which has become important in a home. . All with minimal space and low costs, therefore suitable for both large and smaller bathrooms, but always in retro style.

For those who live in ancient houses or for those people who prefer or are lovers of retro style and want to have it in every room of their home, perhaps just renovated, antique style bathroom accessories represent elements that provide particular taste and refinement and complete a furniture and a bathroom that highlights a style that has never gone out of fashion and is always fascinating.

Those who use vintage bathroom accessories know that the style and refined taste of a classic bathroom never goes out of fashion , on the contrary it offers those who live it simple but functional solutions to their needs, while to those people who admire it a refined touch. of elegance.

Characteristics of vintage bathroom accessories

vintage bathroom accessories What distinguishes classic bathroom accessories from others is a refined and sinuous design that is linked to classic shapes and geometries, with a retro touch that recalls the most beautiful and admired toilets of the past.

Among the materials used for the realization of the English style bathroom accessories , we often find the versatile ceramic or the traditional brass , which provides strength to the elements, to which glass can then be added, with its decorations and transparencies, which offers greater brightness. and above all fascinating sinuosity to the different accessories in the environment.

Most of these elements have very small and space-saving measures, therefore also suitable for small bathrooms. We therefore range from small robe hooks and hangers of 5 centimeters in width and 6 in height, up to the much larger but functional shelves for the bathroom , about 70 centimeters long. Between these two extremes, many classic bathroom accessories of varying sizes, but always not bulky.

Retro bathroom accessories, such as prices

retro bathroom accessoriesgold bathroom accessories For this kind of products, there is a wide choice and with very low costs. In fact, the prices for retro bathroom accessories are different based on the construction materials and their size, but they can be found both cheaper and more expensive. However, the quality offered is always high and of course with a Made in Italy production , which adapts perfectly to any kind of classic style bathroom.

Classic bathroom accessories chromed, antique bronze, gilded, chromed gold: a wide choice online at

classic chrome bathroom accessoriesantique bronze bathroom accessories As for the finishes, it is possible to choose between the darker ones, such as bathroom accessories in antique brass or copper, or the more lively bathroom accessories in gold , chrome or satin nickel. To which is added, in some cases, the use of shades and finishes tending towards dark or in any case softer on a visual level, such as antique brass (very similar to bronze) or copper, for example.

The materials to choose from are ceramic, brass and even glass, both individually and in combination with each other. Furthermore, these classic bathroom accessories can be mounted on the wall or with glue fastening, therefore without the need to drill the wall.

By purchasing your vintage bathroom accessories online on our website you will have a wide choice of materials and finishes at super discounted and affordable prices.