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Are you looking for a toothbrush holder that fits your bathroom and you are undecided whether to opt for one that is simple or one with complex and capacious shapes? In this article it will be possible to read some valuable suggestions, to make the best and most appropriate choice, regarding the toothbrush holders to buy. A way to combine style, but also practicality in your bathroom.

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The bathroom toothbrush holder, an often useful accessory

bathroom toothbrush holder In some cases the use of the toothbrush holder is linked to the practicality sought in a bathroom ; just think, for example, of those environments where the sink is small or the vanity mirror presents all the occupied spaces. Where to put and store your toothbrush and toothpaste too? A practical problem that can be easily solved by buying a handy toothbrush holder .

The only small drawback can be represented by the fact that toothbrush and toothpaste can be within the visual reach of everyone, even of any guests in the house and who use the bathroom. However, the toothbrush holder has indisputable advantages, such as practicality, ease of assembly and use and, finally, no more toothbrushes scattered around the bathroom, especially in the presence of large families.

Then, in recent years, some additional elements have also been added to the simple toothbrush holder , such as the soap dish, which make it an indispensable accessory to have in a bathroom and give this room further style and refined practicality. All naturally coordinated with the bathroom design and sanitary fixtures.

A wide range of toothbrush holders

Toothbrush holder For those who want to buy an accessory of this type, there is a wide choice, from those with a simple glass to the combined solutions of soap and toothbrush holders, or a set of toothbrush and toothpaste holders. Some with a refined and modern style, for new or newly renovated bathrooms, while others with a vintage design are better suited to slightly more retro environments. However, they all adapt to both the aesthetic needs of the bathroom and the personal needs of the family. In addition, a toothbrush holder for the bath can be of various types, for example, can choose between a holder on the wall or a simple glass Toothbrush as to rest on the sink.

Bathroom toothbrush holder, which one to choose?

toothbrush holder The choice of the most suitable toothbrush holder depends on many factors: the design of the bathroom, the type and color of its walls, personal tastes in terms of aesthetics and of course the needs and requirements of each one. In general, those who love simple and practical accessories, could opt for a design toothbrush holder consisting of a glass container only, with a minimal but still elegant style and with bronze, gold or chrome finishes.

For those people who want to maximize space, but are also attentive to the particular style of accessories and love more complex and modern designs, here is the opportunity offered by the set consisting of soap holder and toothbrush, or the unique combination of toothbrush holder and toothpaste holder . A combination that allows you to have everything you need for personal hygiene close at hand. You can choose finishes in bronze, copper but also gold and chrome.

Types and dimensions of toothbrush holders

soap and toothbrush holder There are different types of this accessory, you only have to identify the one that best suits your needs and the style of the bathroom. The toothbrush holder in brass and glass or ceramic, consisting of a single glass, is especially suited to the simplest and most spartan environments, but also quite small.

For larger rooms with a particular design or with a modern taste, then the set with liquid soap dish and toothbrush holder in ceramic only or in combination with brass represent the best choice. Then, both for those with simple glass and for the combined set, it is possible to mount it on the wall or with glue fixing, which avoids having to make holes in the wall. We also remind you that each product is made in Italy.

The dimensions of these accessories are very small and range from about 14 centimeters in height for the simpler ones to 15-18 centimeters for the toothbrush holder soap dish set . The diameter of the glasses containers are instead around 8 centimeters. The finishes to choose from are varied: from the traditional chrome or gilded to the more vintage bronze or copper, while the gold-chrome combination provides a truly suggestive polychromy.

A single toothbrush cup or a combination set

Toothbrush holder Faced with such a vast choice of accessories and combinations of materials and finishes, you only have the problem of identifying those that best suit your needs. A glass with a toothbrush or a combined set with a soap dish, the important thing is that they are combined with the design of your bathroom and in the style that best suits your tastes.

Prices of toothbrush and toothpaste holders online at

toothbrush holder In terms of cost, this bathroom accessory can be purchased comfortably with a limited expense. The price tends to vary if you opt for the toothbrush holder with a simple glass or for the one with attached soap dish and then according to the material with which they are made, whether ceramic or brass and glass. However, it always remains within reduced price ranges.