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The toilet paper holder is an indispensable accessory in the bathroom. While it is often underestimated, it is necessary both for its purpose, which is to hold up toilet paper, and to best complement and complement the bathroom design. The toilet paper holder toilet paper models can be simple and standard, or extravagant and colorful. It is up to you to choose the model that best suits your bathroom!

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Toilet paper holder, an important bathroom accessory

toilet paper holder As we mentioned, the toilet paper roll holder is, in the bathroom, a very important accessory. In fact, we can show you several reasons why it is essential to buy one:

  • Practicality: obviously comfort comes first. The toilet paper roll holders are designed with a shape that allows you to tear the appropriate squares of paper directly from the holder, which is why the position of the toilet paper holder also plays a rather important role.

  • Hygiene: thanks to your toilet paper roll holder you will not be forced to place the roll on other surfaces that could be dirty or dusty.

  • Design: of course, like every element in the bathroom, the toilet paper holder can help define the design style in the bathroom. Although very often we tend to choose a simple design for this element, there are many bolder and more colorful models that can best complement the design in your bathroom.

Where to put the toilet paper holder. Height of toilet paper holder

toilet paper roll holdertoilet paper roll holder As already mentioned, the position of the toilet paper holder is important, as it must be at a height that allows us to take one or more squares of paper directly from the appropriate support.

The height of the toilet paper holder must be evaluated based on the shape and position of the toilet and also according to the build of the people who will have to use it. In addition, the model you are going to choose also has a particular influence on the position. In fact, there are two categories of toilet paper roll holders that occupy different positions in the bathroom:

  • Floor-standing toilet paper holder;

  • Wall-mounted toilet paper holder;

Let's see these two types in detail.

Why choose a free standing toilet paper holder

The floor roll holder is certainly the most versatile solution, as you can change its position when you prefer. This model is perfect for very large bathrooms as it occupies a considerable floor area.

Why choose a wall-mounted toilet paper holder

toilet roll holder The toilet paper holder to hang on the wall is certainly a model suitable for small bathrooms and which therefore have a limited surface. Thanks to the possibility of hanging it on the wall, you will not be forced to occupy a space on the floor of your bathroom, which could be useful for the insertion of other furniture.

Among the negative sides we could find, regarding the countertop or wall toilet paper holders , the fact that it is necessary to make holes in the wall, but fortunately, in the category of wall toilet paper roll holders , there are also those stickers that we will see in the next paragraph.

Adhesive toilet paper holder to avoid making holes

floor-standing toilet paper holder If your bathroom is too small to accommodate a floor-standing toilet paper holder but you want to avoid making holes in the wall, you can opt for this effective and elegant solution. In our shop, you can find some models to buy with the double-sided adhesive kit for mounting.

Made in Italy design toilet paper roll holder on

toilet roll holder design As always, the eye also wants its part, so even design, when you are about to choose a toilet paper holder , plays an important role. Choosing a design model, such as a shabby, vintage or modern toilet paper holder , will help you to complete the furnishing style of your bathroom making it more uniform and harmonious.