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The soap dish is an indispensable accessory in a bathroom, whether you usually use liquid soap , or whether you prefer the more classic bar of soap. In both cases, use a soap dish will help you achieve the right level of comfort and convenience. Furthermore, by choosing the right model of bathroom soap dish you will be able to enhance the design already present in your bathroom, combining business with pleasure.

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Why buy a soap dish

soap holdersoap dish Convenience and comfort are fundamental within a home, especially in the bathroom where order and organization are the basis. Buying a soap dish is certainly an effective way to achieve maximum order and organization.

Obviously, in case of liquid soap disponiate, a liquid soap dispenser becomes indispensable, but also in the case where you are accustomed to using the soap a ceramic soap dish is ideal to prevent the detergent from sliding along the entire basin.

Better a wall-mounted soap dish or a countertop soap dish for the bathroom?

liquid soap holder When you are about to buy a soap dish , whether it is wall -mounted or free -standing , you realize that the choice is not easy at all, as the models on sale are really many and of all kinds.

You will choose between steel soap dish, soap dish in glass and classic white ceramic soap dish. Once you are clear about the various types you can make your choice, trying to accommodate the design already present in your bathroom.

As for the choice between wall-mounted soap dish and countertop soap dish , as well as the aesthetic side and the style, you will have to look at the practical side, trying to understand which solution suits your needs best and which one could make you have second thoughts. future. Generally, there is a tendency to choose a wall - mounted soap dish when using the soap, while the countertop one is reserved for those who use liquid soap. Despite this, the possibilities before you are endless. In fact, you can also find a wall liquid soap dish , or even a built- in ceramic soap dish, able to blend perfectly in a wall niche.

Once you understand which model is best for you, you can have fun with the many design ideas. A modern bathroom soap dish , which goes well with a contemporary style and typical of new buildings or a designer bathroom soap dish , characterized by bright colors and a bizarre shape. It will be your taste to choose the one that suits you best. For lovers of the most ancient styles, we offer a vintage soap dish , which can enhance an older design, but always in vogue.

Many people choose to put the soap dish in the bathtub , especially those who have the possibility to use it as a bathtub rather than as a shower, in this way there will be no risk of losing the soap in the water.

Soap holder and toothbrush, a single accessory with two functions

soap and toothbrush holderbathroom soap dish Very often those with a small bathroom tend to save space through particularly ingenious solutions, such as, for example, the soap and toothbrush holder . With a single accessory, you can solve two problems and keep the washbasin tidy without taking up too much space. With a soap dish and toothbrush set you will have the opportunity to optimize the spaces and make your bathroom more organized than ever.

Considering that a standard apartment generally does not have an excessively large bathroom, the combination set of soap dishes and toothbrush holders is certainly an idea to consider, at least for practicality. As for the aesthetic aspect, if you think this solution may be convenient for you, just look for the model that best matches the style of your bathroom, in order to create the right balance between comfort, organization and design.

At this point you just have to follow our advice and choose the soap dish that best meets your needs.