Shower accessories and shower caddies

Shower accessories are intended to facilitate personal hygiene. So shower accessories, such as various shower trays, can be considered fundamental in cleaning operations, as they allow us to arrange our soaps, shampoos, conditioners, all sponges and any other product that we use daily to wash ourselves in an orderly manner.

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What are the shower accessories

shower accessories Usually a shower is characterized by limited space, which is why the vast majority of shower accessories must be fixed to the wall or positioned on the shower door. These must be adjusted to a useful height that is easily accessible to all family members. For this reason, the position of the accessories for shower boxes must be adjusted according to the height of its users, as well as the dimensions of the accessory itself.

But what are the most popular and used shower accessories ? Surely the shower trays, shower shelves and shower soap dishes.

In fact, for lovers of traditional soap, we can only recommend a timeless soap dish for the shower , just like the one you are used to using every day for your sink. Or you can drop your choice on a corner shower soap dish. In short, you are spoiled for choice on the type of model you like best: modern or classic; in glass or ceramic, rectangular or round… In short, there is no shortage of choices; you just have to choose the one that best suits the design of your bathroom and the size of the shower box.

If the shower soap dish alone is not enough for you, a very functional alternative is the shower tray . Certainly this solution will provide you with a much larger support surface in which you can place all your bottles of shampoo, conditioner and creams to use in the shower.

And if you live in a large family, the shower tray is the most suitable solution because each family member can have a personal space for their products.

Most of the shower accessories are mounted on the wall by dowel fasteners , it is a safe and stable way. At the same time there are now also shower soap dishes without drilling and gluing which represent a valid alternative to avoid piercing the walls. Otherwise, you can opt for shower accessories to hang .

Where to place the shower accessories

shower tray In all shower enclosures it is essential to place accessories for shower enclosures that allow you to arrange all the bathroom products necessary for personal hygiene.

Let's examine different types of shower trays based on their position and installation:

  • we will be able to have shower accessories to be fixed in a classic way to the wall with plugs ;

  • adhesive shower accessories that do not require any drilling;

  • the shower trays to hang on the door of the shower box,

  • corner shower shelves that represent an excellent space-saving solution.

From a completely practical point of view, we can advise you to position the shower accessories never too high or too low to simplify the use of the products when using the shower: the correct size is more or less at the height of the line of the eyes. In principle, we can say that the shower trays are never installed below a meter in height or above 170 cm. However, these are approximate measures that, according to your needs, can be safely ignored.

Generally, the side on which installation is preferred is the one on which the shower head column is located .

Shower caddies materials

shower soap dish Shower trays such as shower shelves or shower soap dishes can be made of various materials; they are often made of plexiglass , chromed steel or brass .

The cheapest shower accessories are made of plexiglass, while the steel or brass accessories are more resistant and long lasting but obviously they are more expensive. They can often be finished with ceramic and glass details depending on the style for which they were intended.

It goes without saying that, as regards the materials of the shower box accessories , they must be absolutely water resistant . In fact, steel and plexiglass are perfect. Ceramic and glass, even if they are more fragile, are very comfortable and easy to clean and sanitize.

Remember that always with regard to hygiene, it is good to avoid stagnating water which could cause limescale to form and would risk ruining the aesthetics of the shower object holder .

Everything can then be chosen in the preferred finish that best suits the aesthetics of the bathroom. The opaque colors black and white are very popular, or the chrome finishes to finish the classic simil stainless steel, bronze, brass, gold. In the most minimal bathrooms, you can also opt for transparent plexiglass. So, as you can see there are shower accessories for all tastes!

Online sale of shower accessories on

shower accessories We at have many proposals regarding shower accessories . An example is the shower holder with 2 shelves and 2 Reggi bathrobe hooks in top quality chromed brass with 100% Made in Italy workmanship . The accessory does not require assembly but must be hung inside the shower box. The cost is from € 292.86.

If you love traditional style but don't want to give up comfort, we recommend the Firenze corner shower holder for classic showers with wall mounting with plugs. The accessory is available in vintage chrome-gold, chrome, bronze, gold, copper or satin nickel colors. The cost starts from 184 euros.

On the other hand, for those who love minimalism, the right bathroom accessory can be the plexiglass shower holder that must be mounted with glue fastening so without drilling the tiles. You will have a bathroom with an ultra modern design with a cost starting from only 72 euros!

In short, by purchasing on you will have 100% Made in Italy shower accessories at home at discounted prices !