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The towel rails serve as a support for bathroom towels and sheets, protecting them from stagnant humidity that can lead to bad odors in the room. The bathroom towel holders must be chosen according to your needs by evaluating both their aesthetic performance but also the simplicity of fixing.

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towel holder Bathroom towel rails, where to put them

The position of the towel rails should be chosen from the moment you design the room but many times you get to the end of the work without knowing where to mount the towel rails in the bathroom .

These accessories are essential to have the wipes handy to dry and you need at least three: a large towel holder for the bathrobe, a towel holder for the face and hands and a small one, usually a ring, for the bidet one.

Of course, the choice of the number and model of towel rails to install will also depend on the space you have available and how your bathroom fixtures are arranged. Precisely for this reason there are various types of bathroom towel holders on the market. Let's see them in the next paragraphs.

Freestanding towel holder and towel hangers

towel holder The first category we are going to analyze is that of free standing towel racks.

It is the ideal choice for those who do not want to drill holes in the wall, especially in the presence of tiles. THE bath towel from the ground are, in fact, very easy to locate and easy to move at will for easy cleaning or to change the arrangement.

There are floor towel racks equipped with different arms and rotatable 360 degrees, practical and comfortable to accommodate different types of towels and allow each guest to use their own.

If the bathroom is large enough, you can opt for the very comfortable free -standing towel rail that represents a real piece of furniture, ideal for giving the room style and elegance.

As for the choice of materials, there are many possibilities for door-standing bath towels; you can find stainless steel towel racks , perfect for those who want a modern environment, brass or bronze towel racks for those who prefer the retro style and then shabby towel racks or designer towel rails according to your tastes.

Types of wall-mounted towel racks

bathroom towel holder In their most popular version, wall-mounted towel racks save space. Generally they should be placed near the sink or shower. Some wall mounted towel racks also include other accessories such as, for example, the soap dish.

The wall mounted towel rails are divided into:

  • towel rails: these are perhaps the simplest type and are made up of a more or less elaborate bar fixed to the wall at both ends;

  • towel racks: they have the advantage of being able to house perfumes, soap bottles or various furnishings in addition to the towels;

  • Swivel towel holder: with a small wall fixing two rods can be moved and supported both the largest and the smallest towel

  • towel holder ring: the circle in which to insert the towel is the most suitable solution for the bidet towel.

Bathroom towel holders without drilling the wall

bathroom towel holderfloor towel holder Another very functional solution for the towel holder is represented by the adhesive towel holder, which is simple to install and to position in strategic points in the bathroom. This accessory adheres to the wall by means of an adhesive strip that attaches to the wall. An alternative is the bathroom towel holder with suction cup which is also installed without the use of tools. We noted, however, that it is better not hang over the door wall of wipes too wet towels because they could not support the weight come off.

Shabby, design or vintage towel rail?

towel holder As we have said, maintaining a common thread in the bathroom is the ideal solution to give harmony to the whole house. Details such as bathroom furniture and the choice of towel holder become important.

For example, if your furniture is in shabby chic style, the bathroom will also have to represent this design and you will have to choose, for example, shabby bathroom towel racks in wrought iron, antique white and with details of hearts and spirals.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an antique towel holder to recall the vintage style of your bathroom, you can opt, for example, for the Firenze model on our website which is available in different finishes to satisfy every request.

Finally, if you want your choice to fall on a designer towel rail, we advise you to orient yourself on the design models in stainless steel or on the more spectacular ones such as ceiling towel rails or towel rails. Your bathroom will certainly not go unnoticed!