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Do you need to rearrange your bathroom and find an arrangement for the various accessories for personal care? Surely, adding a bathroom shelf will help you find the organizational solution that best suits your needs. A tidy and well-organized bathroom will give you immense satisfaction also from the design point of view, making this room pleasant and bright. Choose your favorite bathroom shelf among those available on and give a touch of style to your bathroom.

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How to choose bathroom shelves

bathroom shelves Each bathroom needs its own shelf . In fact, we are talking about a fundamental accessory, although it is often underestimated to make room for other furniture and cabinets. Surely even the latter play a role of primary importance, but a design bathroom shelf , especially if positioned above the sink, can accommodate, in an orderly and organized way, all those objects and typical products of the bathroom of daily use, such as, for example for example, toothpaste or hand soap.

So, to answer the question "How to choose a storage shelf for the bathroom ?" we must take into account the following factors:

  • dimensions of the bathroom shelf : the measurements must adapt to the dimensions of the bathroom and, at the same time, meet your needs regarding the amount of products you want to place on it;

  • style and design: as always, the eye also wants its part, so the style, color and shape of the shelf are of fundamental importance to maintain or accentuate the harmony present in the room.

The benefits of bathroom storage shelves

bathroom storage shelves As you will have understood from the previous paragraphs, inserting a towel holder bathroom shelf or a towel holder bathroom shelf can bring several advantages from an organizational point of view, especially as regards the typical bathroom products aimed at hygiene and personal care. These products are typically stored in small tubes or jars, which are extremely difficult to keep in order. Furthermore, while some products are intended for weekly use, others are used on a daily basis, so they deserve a priority position.

So let's see what are the advantages of mounting a design shelf in the bathroom :

  • order and organization: as already mentioned above, the shelves for the bathroom as well as cabinets and cabinets, are essential to keep the various accessories in the bathroom in order.

  • comfort: this aspect is also very important. Once the shelf is mounted, you will have the possibility to choose which accessories and products you use the most and place them on it. In this way you will always have them at hand and you will not have to waste time, every day, looking for them among drawers and doors;

  • design and style: by choosing the right model, in addition to the practical side, you can also satisfy the aesthetic side, giving a touch of style to your bathroom, making it more lively and less monotonous.

The characteristics of a good bathroom shelf

bathroom shelves Now that we have seen what are the advantages of mounting a shelf in the bathroom, let's see what are the technical characteristics capable of making a shelf well made.

The bath shelves can be of different shapes and types, each of which meets different logistic requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Shelf for the bathtub : putting a shelf over the bathtub can be really convenient. In this way you will have all the products you need at your fingertips;

  • corner bathroom shelf : the corner bathroom shelf is a useful space saver, inside which you can put different products. Corner bathroom shelves are therefore perfect for organizing even small bathrooms, where it is difficult to organize.

  • Bathroom Shelf Without Holes : If you are undecided about the location, you can choose a bathroom shelf without nails , also known as an adhesive bathroom shelf . The advantage lies in the fact that you can mount your new bathroom shelf without drilling the wall, and check, over time, that the position you have chosen is actually comfortable.

Bathroom shelf material

bathroom shelf First of all, before making the purchase, it will be necessary to evaluate the material with which a bathroom shelf was made. This aspect is fundamental. In fact, buying a product created with a poor material, the risk is to have to change it after a short time; on the contrary, by choosing a bathroom shelf made with a good material, you can count on a durable product that can accompany you for years.

Here are the main materials used to make bathroom shelves:

  • glass bathroom shelves: the glass bathroom shelves in our shop are various and of different sizes. While some are simple glass shelves, others are equipped with specific holes such as, for example, those to put the glass and some models even have a niche to place the smartphone safely.

  • stainless steel bathroom shelves : this type is especially suitable to be mounted near the shower, as, by definition, this material does not deteriorate in contact with water. On our website you will find various solutions to be installed inside and outside the shower.

  • plexiglass bathroom shelves : also in this case our e-shop offers you different options both as regards the linear shelves and as regards the corner bathroom shelves.

The supports with which the shelf is held to the wall are also very important. In this regard, you will need to make sure that they are sufficiently resistant and able to support the weight of the objects you place on them. By choosing inefficient supports, you risk having to change the shelf and break the objects it supported by making them fall.

Glass bathroom shelves

bathroom shelves The glass bathroom shelves are certainly among the most elegant in our shop, perfect for giving a touch of design thanks to the luxury details that characterize them.

You can choose between bathroom shelves in transparent and frosted glass according to your needs, as well as having an infinite number of details available to make the final choice. For example, if your bathroom was characterized by a vintage design you could opt for those models with rounded degumming, while if you love modern styles, rectangular edges are for you. In short, on there is an embarrassment of choice!