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Do you want free-standing or countertop bathroom accessories that are functional, practical but also elegant and that can offer many solutions to your personal or family needs? It is possible to provide some useful advice to those who are looking for from the toothbrush holder to the soap dispenser or the multifunctional stand, which can enrich, without excessive expense, the design of their bathroom, but without sacrificing the functionality offered by these elements.

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Why buy free-standing bathroom accessories?

countertop bathroom accessories Free-standing bathroom accessories tend to satisfy many family needs, both practical and aesthetic. In terms of practicality, they can be placed on a floor, a shelf or a sink, reducing overall dimensions, providing order to the environment and facilitating its cleaning and hygiene.

On an aesthetic level, the bathroom accessories can enrich any type of environment, regardless of its design, whether it tends to the classic style or to the modern one. They offer liveliness, elegance and also combine perfectly with different lines of sanitary ware . The various finishes available also allow it to be easily adapted to walls and furniture of various shades.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that the free-standing bathroom accessories do not require any assembly. There is no need to drill into the walls, but neither do you need tools for installation. You can buy them and arrange them in the bathroom as you like!

Types of bathroom accessories

countertop bathroom accessories set For those who have a bathroom that tends to be classic or retro, it is possible to choose countertop bathroom accessories sets (for example a soap dish and a toothbrush holder) in brass and glass. Their lines are very soft and refined, with perhaps bronze or shiny gold finishes. In fact, the vintage style bathroom accessories enrich the general design of the room, also providing an elegant and personalized touch and completing the furniture in an optimal way.

And then there are the countertop bathroom accessory sets with a more modern style and bolder and more particular lines, appropriate for bathrooms of the latest model. Their modern design, characterized by more squared and rigid lines, with finishes in polished chrome or brushed steel, adapt to new environments, both sober and richer.

Materials and dimensions of the countertop bathroom accessory set

bathroom accessories The bathroom accessories for sale online on our e-commerce are made with different and resistant materials, then highlighting a useful versatility, being able to be placed on different types of tops, without compromising their functionality and aesthetics at the same time. . Excellent products therefore for every kind of environment and family needs.

There are, for example, the smallest soap dispensers or soap dishes in ceramic or brass and glass , which take up little space; equipped with chrome, bronze or gold finishes.

Much more impressive, however, is the multifunctional floor lamp , on which to place soap, towels and toilet paper, to maximize space. Made of brass and finishes in polished chrome or bronze (ie, antique brass) and which stands 83cm in height, with a base diameter of 20. Smaller, at 20cm in diameter and 25 in height, there is also the useful bathroom waste bin in brass, with finishes in gold, bronze and polished chrome .

Many free-standing bathroom accessories with the most diverse characteristics, but which are united by the excellent quality of Made in Italy.

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free standing bathroom accessories online A considerable variety of products, construction materials and finishes allows those interested in free- standing bathroom accessories not to spend exorbitant amounts. The latter tend to differ according to the type of material and product.

Buying online is quick and convenient. We at offer you our extensive catalog of countertop bathroom accessories in constant enrichment to meet the needs of everyone.